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Are you among the 50% Indian Individuals with Dental problems?

According to the latest survey, 50% of India’s population suffers from various dental issues. The survey also reveals that 82% of the population visit doctors in case they experience a toothache, but a majority rarely makes any consultation in their entire life. The commonest dental issues Indians include; Tooth decay Bad breath Tooth discoloration Receding […]

How can diabetes affect your mouth?

If you are consuming too much glucose, which is called as the sugar, then you will have the severe pain, infection and other problems in your mouth. Your mouth consists of the following things: Teeth Gums Jaw Tissues such as the tongue, roof and bottom of your mouth Glucose is usually present in the mouth […]

The Shocking Effects of Tobacco on Oral Health!

Regardless of the way you consume tobacco or its related products, you are digging a grave for your oral health and your overall health. As though 55% of individuals who smoke experience gum diseases, teeth discoloration among others, dental experts confirm that tobacco and its products can lead to oral cancer and ineffectiveness of oral […]

Serious Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are those that lastly develop in the human mouth. Wisdom teeth are normally 4 in total, two located up and two located down in your jaw. These teeth are termed as impacted wisdom teeth in case they fail to grow properly out of the gums. Cases differ from individual to individual, but the […]

Why do Root Canal Treatments Fail?

Dental problems are common, in both young and adults. However, there are various dental treatments and procedures that can help you restore your dental health and as well provide a better life. Rather than extracting a tooth/teeth from the mouth, treatments like root canal treatment offer a paramount solution to infected, damaged or diseased root […]

How To Handle Various Dental Problems?

Dental problems can never the great fun. But the good news is that every type of the dental problem can be prevented. You can consult the best dental clinic in India for the solution of all dental problems. What are various dental problems? You have a fractured or broken tooth: In the first case, you […]