Different Sensations That Come After A Dental Procedure

Undergoing a dental procedure is nerve-wracking for some people. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of sensations that the patient might experience. Many people do not feel comfortable about going through the dental procedure. They do not fear about the procedure but the potential side effects which come along with it. Sometimes […]

Some Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay in Babies

Tooth Decay and Cavities are the most common health problems. Basically, they are damaged or affected the area in the surface of the teeth which form tiny openings. The tooth decay is especially common in children, older adults, teenagers, and sometimes infants also get affected by this problem. In case, if the problem is not […]

knocked Out Tooth : How To Handle It?

Knocked out tooth is caused due to accident or some other reasons. In addition, sports person or athletes usually encounter this condition. Well, this condition is not only common in athletes but also experience by some other people during the occasional fight. If you notice any type of this sign then you must visit the […]

Most Common Dental Care Myths

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. In adults, the concept of dental health is very simple. You need to just floss as well as brush and this will solve the issue. No doubt, there is nothing wrong in this principle. Some of us consider that visiting a dentist […]

Signs of Gum Diseases that You Should Notice

Gum diseases are explained as an infection of the tissues which are present in your mouth and support your teeth. In addition, gum diseases are the primary cause of tooth loss or tooth crack in younger ones. These are the diseases which are totally painless and you do not notice them easily. Gum diseases are […]

Impact of Smoking on Oral Health

The role of smoking in the development of oral diseases, lung cancer, and other health problems. Smoking also causes many gum problems or diseases because it contains harmful chemicals. There are various oral health conditions that can cause due to smoking such as bad breath, staining of teeth, smell, tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases, oral […]

How To Encourage Kids To Keep Good Oral Health

Making your kids understand the benefit of good oral is very important. Sometimes parents struggle that when they should take their kids for a first dental check-up. You might not be aware of that dental care for kids begins even before the baby’s first tooth appear. When a baby is born, he/she has 20 primary […]

Some Reasons of Bad Breath

There are several reasons behind bad breath such as over-exercise, dehydration, serious illness, tonsillitis, and smoking. You should visit the dental clinic In Bangalore if you are continuously noticing bad breath from many days. You should tell your dentist in Bangalore about your eating habits too because these can also lead to bad breath. He […]