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Fixed & Removable Dental Implants – What are they?

It is quite often to find questions like, what are removable dental implants or fixed dental implants. Modern dentistry techniques implemented in our best dental clinic in Whitefield offer various dental implant solutions that can be described as removable and fixed dental implants

What’s the difference between the two?

Fixed Dental Implants

The fixed dental implant solution is digitally designed and milled out of Zirconia. This is the hardest material used in dentistry used for implants and can appear like the natural teeth. The Zirconia material equally functions and feels like the natural teeth and they are an ideal solution when it comes to teeth replacements

Removable Dental Implants

With this option, the dental implant is actually supported by a denture, which is designed to snap on and off of the dental implant. With modern dentures, dental implants are used to support the dentures which also preserves the bone, unlike the traditional dentures.

Also, the implants supported dentures don’t require much amount of acrylic over the gums to stay in place because the dentures rely on the implant for proper function.

Which Option is best?

Basically, modern dentistry services provide various solutions for temporary purposes or lifetime purposes. In reality, a dental implant is just a titanium pole that is placed into the bone to act as the natural root, but a requires finishing to make the treatment complete.

That is why dentures or filling are used to close the gaps in the mouth. Also, the titanium implants aren’t meant to be frequently removed and placed unless there is a dental health issue that requires so.

In case a patient requires a prosthesis that is cemented permanently, then the option of removable and fixed dental implants is facilitated

To know your candidacy, an evaluation is required before a procedure for dental implants in Bangalore to make the best treatment option.

Dental Implants in the Modern Era

Ideally, dental implants are topmost solutions for missing teeth that produces various benefits, categorized as health and aesthetic advantages. During the procedure of a dental implant, the dentist aims at making the replacement permanent and to produce proper function.

Dental implants are not commonly removed from their positions since it can trigger various infections and dental issues. A thorough evaluation of the type of dental implant is necessary before the procedure and that also implies to the dentist’s experience.

Dental implants must also provide the best dental appearance for cosmetic reasons.

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