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Is it Recommended for a Pregnant Woman to See a Dentist?

Ideally, Yes, though many pregnant women go through the nine months without making any dental visit. According to scientists at Saint Louis University, a pregnant woman shouldn’t skip any scheduled dental checkup during the nine months. Prioritizing dental visits is necessary because of the increase in progesterone and the blood volume. The scientists also confirm that pregnant women are liable to gingivitis.

How Does Pregnancy Affect a Woman’s Oral Health?

Every pregnancy carries various risks and the same applies to IVF treatment, as a woman may experience new dental issues she may have never faced. According to “The American Dental Association” and other women reproduction specialists, dental care while pregnant is crucial at every stage. These are common in pregnant women.

  • Gingivitis

This is due to the hormonal changes or imbalances. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that results in tenderness and swelling. In case left untreated, this condition may result in serious gum diseases. Victims may experience pain and bleeding during flossing and brushing.

  • Tumors

Some women may witness tumors (growths) on their gums, mostly during the second trimester. These tumors aren’t cancerous and usually disappear after delivery, but may cause discomfort, bleeding, pain, and low self-esteem.

  • Dental Caries

Developing cavities during pregnancy is so easy. This may result from the increased calorie intake, laziness that may hinder one from brushing and flossing among others that cause acid build up. In addition, it is easier for a woman to transmit these dental issues to her baby through kissing once the baby is born.

How to Combat Dental Issues During Pregnancy?

Even though free from any dental issue, it is recommended that you schedule a dental visit where a doctor will take a look at your overall dental health.

Brushing at least 3 times a day is recommended and apart from this, make sure that you floss wherever required.

In case experiencing tenderness, swelling, bleeding, or pain in the mouth, make sure that you talk to your doctor.

During your dental checkup, make sure that you tell your doctor about any medications you’re taking. Also, it is advisable that you talk to your gynecologist in the case facing any dental issues. This is crucial after your IVF treatment as certain medications may cause certain side effects and complications.

Any medications taken during pregnancy must be prescribed by a well-trained dentist after they are approved by your fertility doctor.

X-rays & Anesthesia During Pregnancy

To be on a safer side, a pregnant woman shouldn’t undergo numerous X-ray procedures unless required. On the other hand, anesthesia isn’t associated with various side effects as per the Journal of the American Dental Association, however, every woman must be given required precautions as pregnancies are different.

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