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Root Canal Treatment: Let’s Find Out Safe or Precarious Treatment

Root canal is the most complex term in the dental world. Many dentists may refer to the root canal treatment. Root canal is the dental method to treat the deep level of the dental cavities. The main cause of the root canal is the development of the dangerous bacteria in the mouth and even in rest of the body.

What Is a Root Canal?

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal is mostly recommended for the dental cavities that have been grown in the root of the teeth. All the infected pulp inside the teeth are removed and then it is cleaned. This is done before the dental filling material is injected into the mouth of the person.

Why most of the professions recommend the root canal treatment?

Why most of the professions recommend the root canal treatment?

Following are the reasons why professional dentists recommend the root canal treatment:

  • Root canal is the effective method to remove the enough of the tissues.

  • Your immune system is getting better

  • There are advanced and improved substances to fill the tooth.

What are the steps of Root Canal Treatment?

What are the steps of Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is basically the three-step process. But this method requires two or three sessions to complete.

1. Cleaning the root canal: in the first step, your dentist will remove everything that is required in the root canal. This treatment is mostly performed in the Local Anesthesia. Your dentist will make the small access hole in the surface of the tooth. This method is very helpful to remove the dead and diseased pulp tissues.

2. Filling the root canal: Then your dentist will clean, shape and decontaminate the hollow surface. Then, this hollow surface is filled with the rubber-like material. They are using the adhesive cement in order to seal the canals completely. After performing the root canal treatment, a tooth is dead. After the surgery, a patient will not able to perform any kind of the pain. The main reason is that nerve tissue has been removed and the infection has been eliminated totally.

3. Adding a crown or filling: After the root canal, your tooth has become more fragile than it was before. Tooth receives the nourishment from the ligament that has been attached to the bone. In this case, your tooth will become more brittle. So, crown or filling is the great method to provide the protection. When the crown or filling is complete, then there is no need to chew or bite on the tooth. When the crown or filling is done, then you can use the tooth as you own convenience.

Treatment requires only one appointment. If there are curved canals, large infection, then this process requires two or three additional appointments.

How painful is the Root Canal treatment?

How painful is the Root Canal treatment?

The fear that comes to the mind of the most of the people that it is painful therapy but it is done by the trained dentist, and then he will make it painless. Pain is mostly caused due to infection, not from the treatment. Root canal treatment is the way to alleviate the pain. Most of the surgeons are performed this procedure with the numbing of the tooth and local anesthesia. After the treatment, you will feel some amount of the tenderness but it is normal. You need to take the some of the over the counter pain medication. These are essential to relieve it.

Who needs the Root Canal Treatment?

Who needs the Root Canal Treatment?

  • Root canal treatment is mostly recommended for the infected or injured pulp. This is very helpful to repair the tooth before the extraction.

  • People suffering from the injured or diseased pulp and it cannot be repaired and all the tissues had died.

  • If there is any type of deep cavity, cracked tooth, loose filling, this will alleviate the bacteria to enter the pulp.

  • Bacteria are responsible for destroying the pulp. If the bacteria have been penetrated to the root openings, this will cause the infection in the bone. Then root canal is the best option for you.

  • Sometimes, infections will weaken the bone and it will break. As a result, the ligament will swell and the tooth will become loose.

  • Pulp injury is the main cause of the tooth sensitive. You may feel pain at the time of the chewing. Some people feel the continuous and throbbing pain.

  • If you are not getting treatment, the infection will spread. This will lead to your tooth loose and there is need of extracting.

  • There are some patients who are going for the extraction in cases like large decay, trauma and loss of bone, gum disease.

  • Once the tooth has been removed, then surrounding teeth will also become crooked. This will hard to have the good bites.

What does Root Canal Treatment cost?

What does Root Canal Treatment cost?

The cost of the dental treatment is widely different. But the saving the tooth will make it the most. The next option is the extraction. But the cost of the implant and bridge is very expensive but the root canal treatment in Bangalore is cost effective due to serve the community. Sometimes, this will lead to the problem of the malocclusion, misaligned teeth and some feel difficult in chewing. But the expert dentists of Whitefield are responsible for providing the most effective root canal treatment in Whitefield and other corners of the world. Large numbers of the people come to white field in order to attain the most effective treatment.

Complications of the Root Canal procedure

As like the other procedures, this method also has some degree of the complications:

  • Sometimes, dentist performs the three root canal treatment as compared to perform the four. If one of the canals remains untreated, the infection will continue to spread and reach to the bone.

  • The dentist must ensure that filling will go enough into the canal. If there it is not properly sealed, then the infection will return.

  • At the time of the procedure, the toot of the tooth may be cracked. Sometimes, instruments break the canal or perforate the canal. Then, it will difficult the tooth efficiently.

  • If there is complication occurs, then your specialist will definitely try to correct the problem and help to complete the root canal. In order to avoid the complications, patients must try to follow the instructions of the dentist. If there is need to take the antibiotic, then it needs to finish the entire prescription.

  • This is essential to place the permanent restoration when it is properly placed. Then the root canal treatment is totally completed.

What are problems associated with root canal treatment?

  • The cleaning procedure of the root canal treatment is just 44% of the bacteria. Following are the main causes for which the root canal treatment is recommended

  • There is any type of the infection inside or outside the root canal.

  • Sometimes extruded root canal filling will usually cause an immune response.

  • If there is an accumulation of the cholesterol crystals and this will also irritate the tissues.

  • There is cystic lesion when the root canal treatment is performing.

  • Most of the scar tissue is healed with the help of the root canal treatment.

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