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Some of our achievements as we struggle for better dental health

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An Aesthetic Dental Restorer

Dr. Priya Verma has accumulated diverse expertise and knowledge in the field of dentistry for the 19 years of her dental services. Her professionalism has helped many patients enjoy their life with excellent dental health and appearance.

Dr. Priya specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic dental services provided at her advanced dental centre using modern technologies and specialized equipment. The doctor holds an BDS and is a member of Indian Dental Association and Indian Society of Implant Dentistry (ISOI).

Using contemporary methodologies and a patient-friendly approach, the specialist offers convenient dental treatments to both children and adults. The best dentist in Bangalore is incomparable in formulating pleasing smile hence transforming one’s facial appearance.

With her experienced team of doctors, she promises nothing but the best experience once you approach her. Experience the true magic in your dental smile

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(Uncompromised Sterilization)

Excellent dental practices lack in most dental centres, but we are dedicated and fully sophisticated to provide advanced dental care and treatment.

Dental Clinic Whitefield
best Dental Clinic in Whitefield
Best Dental Clinic
Dentist in Bangalore

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    Clinic Services


    Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

    We offer the most advance treatment modality...

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    Replacement of Teeth

    A Dental Implants are a form of modern aesthetic dentistry where a patient is given

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    Gum Diseases

    Gum diseases or infections is one of the commonest infections in...

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    Braces / Aligners

    Braces are used to correct irregular teeth with metal or ceramic brackets...

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    Dental implants are a method of replacing on or more missing teeth...

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    Oral Surgery

    Dr. Priya is an experienced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon...

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    Clear Aligners

    Clear Orthodontic aligners are a substitute to traditional braces ...

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    Teeth Whitening - Bleaching

    Bleaching is used to make dark colored teeth lighter by use of ...

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    Pediatric Dentistry

    We offer Pediatric Dentistry which is faster more efficient and pain free ...

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    Let your child live freely
    - Pediatric Dentistry

    A child deserves to eat whatever he or she desires, but it’s your responsibility as a parent to care for his or her teeth. The best solution for maintaining a child’s dental health is through quality pediatric dental treatments provided after examining your child’s teeth.

    In the same way, children require gentle care during dental treatments with the fact that they are young and inexperienced. Our dental specialist provides the best treatment approaches to children while maintaining their dental health, bone, and gums.


    With complementary technologies at Smile Zone Dental Specialty Center, patients are professionally treated to bring upon better smiles with the best dental health.

    Our center provides specialized diagnostic procedures, X-ray procedures and aesthetic dental treatments using standard protocols and techniques. Due to the technological advancement in dentistry, our best dental clinic in Bangalore utilize RVG X-RAYS, which are completely digital X-rays and reduce X-ray Exposure Manifold when compared to the traditional X-ray films

    Our advanced dental clinic is situated in Whitefield, Bangalore and is one of the patient’s number one choice for dental treatments.

    With the dentist’s expertise and an experienced staff, we provide quality dental services such as Teeth whitening, Smile Design, Tooth Extraction, Fixed Partial Denture (FPD), Complete or Partial Denture fixing, Dental Implants among others