Dental/Tooth Extraction (Dental Cosmetic Procedures)

Severe damage to the tooth may require a tooth extraction procedure for various reasons. In case a tooth has been simply cracked or damaged, the dentist may try fixing it with a crown or filling or any other possible dental treatment rather than extracting it.

What is tooth Extraction?

From the sound of the phrase, tooth extraction simply means a dental surgical procedure that involves removing a tooth or teeth from their socket/s in the bone.

Why Tooth Extraction?

Basically, tooth extractions are commonly performed in case of severe tooth decay, but the procedure may be recommended in case of the following;

  • Children may undergo tooth extraction in case they still possess milk teeth yet its time for the permanent teeth to come out
  • A loose or dysfunctioning tooth may require extraction even when bone grafting won’t help
  • The third molars (wisdom teeth) may require extraction after they come out. They may impose various dental issues such as pain, and soreness in case they are decayed or infected
  • Cancer patients may also require tooth extraction for the fact that chemotherapy, radiation, and medications weaken the immune system causing the teeth to become infected
  • Individuals intending to get braces
  • Individuals with extra teeth that block other teeth from coming out

Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

A patient and dentist interaction in vital and in this way, the dentist will examine your teeth and also recommended for an X-ray to be done. Revealing your medical history is important. Supplements, intravenous drugs, and vitamins may be taken.

A panoramic X-ray will be taken in case one expects his wisdom teeth to be extracted. Antibiotics before the surgery to prevent infections or in case of a weakened immune system are crucial.

The Procedure of Tooth Extraction

There are basically two forms of Dental Extraction in India and they include;

  • A simple dental extraction
  • A Complex dental extraction
  • The Simple Dental Extraction
    During this procedure, the surgeon will loosen the tooth using a specific tool (an elevator) and will then remove it using an instrument called the forceps. This applies to a single tooth extraction procedure and an injection of local anesthesia will be administered.
  • The Complex Dental Extraction
    These are performed by oral surgeons and they are done in case many teeth have broken off at the gum line or aren’t visible in the mouth yet. The general dentist will make an incision in your gum and sometimes, bone removal is necessary or the surgeon may decide to separate the tooth into halves before removing it.

Cost of Dental Extractions

Dental extractions whether simple or complex in nature aren’t that costly and a dental extraction cost in India may possibly cost an individual around $150 to $400, but depends on the type of procedure.

  • Risks
    Infection and a dry socket problem may be the possible issues after a dental extraction surgery.

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