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Affordable Tooth Replacement options

In case you are aged 32 and above just count yourself lucky to be among the few adults with 32 teeth in the mouth. Studies show that 25% of adults in America have an average of 8 missing teeth in the mouth regardless of either they are wisdom teeth, molars, or premolars.

Different occurrences that include periodontal disease, accidents, injuries, cavities among others may require an individual to extract one or two teeth within a single year. In the modern era, many individuals are opting for an earlier extraction of wisdom teeth to prevent infections and cavities that may hinder the overall dental and mouth health.

In the case of the front teeth or otherwise dental implants are the topmost solution, but to be realistic, dental implants are a bit costly especially, a single dental implant procedure at a time.

Low-cost Tooth Replacement solutions

Modern dentistry provides various methodologies of Tooth Replacement in India, but some like dental implants may appear more expensive when it comes to obtaining quality dental implants. Dental implants can be accessed in case one can afford them, but let’s look at the other inexpensive tooth replacement methods.

Partial Dentures

Also known as a bridge, a partial denture consists of one or more replacement teeth placed between the natural teeth. A removable partial denture may not require clasps since it directly connects to the dental implant. An anchor for the bridge will be created and one can naturally live without gaps in the mouth.

Full Dentures

This teeth replacement approach involves implants and dentures. A full denture arch can be attached to four or more dental implants. The procedure is a bit lengthy since 2 or 3 implants are restored at a single time.

A patient can get the dental implants and still wear the dentures during the recovery period. When all the implants are restored, the denture will be clipped onto the implants using an abutment.

Benefits of the simple Tooth Replacement options

The mentioned teeth replacement options provide aesthetic results that replicate the natural appearance of the teeth. Apart from being affordable, the solutions will eliminate gaps in the mouth for as long as they are fixed by a specialist.

  • They can act as long-term solutions with immeasurable strength and longevity.
  • When used to them, they are 100% comfortable and provide more confidence

The cost

Smile Zone Dental Speciality centre provides friendly Teeth Replacement Cost in India with great expertise and considerations. The dentures and dental implants are customized dental treatments that offer more comfort and a better smile.