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Aesthetic Smile Makeover Surgery

Smile makeover encompasses numerous cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures that can alter the shape and appearance of your teeth and smile. The smile makeover surgery generally improves every aspect of your dental health, appearance, smile, and beauty. A consultation is an initial step where you can interact with the dentist about your goals, dental health, and expectations.

A Smile Makeover Surgery

It is a sphere of dental treatments purposely conducted for cosmetic reasons. The Smile Makeover Surgery in India is a lengthy process involving two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. Specialized cosmetic dentistry procedures may include;

  • Dental Implants
  • Composite Bonding
  • Dental Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Inlays and Onlays

Aesthetic Concerns of Smile Makeover Surgery

Customized smile makeover surgeries are performed according to a patient’s unique desires and goals. To make the best decisions, you may be presented with suitable smile makeover pictures that may suit you. From there, a dentist will make the perfect match of your dental smile. The various concerns during the surgery include;

The existing smile, the alignment, balance, and color of your teeth will have to be examined before the procedure. The dentist will make an evaluation of the intended aesthetic dental targets.


Slightly misaligned teeth may only require a few cosmetic dentistry procedures such as clear braces and veneers while extremely misaligned teeth will have to first undergo total reconstruction prior to the smile makeover surgery.

The teeth length

Gummy smiles are known to give a poor smile and tend to make one appear older. In addition, shorter teeth either naturally or due to wear and tear may give a poor impression. Therefore, smile makeover surgery is aimed at altering all the above. Composite bonding or Porcelain veneers may provide the aesthetic targets through teeth lengthening to provide a youthful and pleasant smile plus appearance .

Smile Line

The smile line follows the edges of your upper teeth from each corner, and the same curve must be produced by the lower lip when you smile and this is taken into consideration to determine your new smile.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth not only alter your smile and appearance, but also increases the chances of tooth decay as well as leading to misalignment of teeth. Dental implants, partial denture, and dental bridges may be used as replacements during your smile makeover procedure.

Tooth Color & Tooth Shape/ Proportion

Certainly, teeth whitening may be the best solution to discolored teeth much as they may have a perfect alignment. The dentist will also focus on the tooth’s shape and shortening or lengthening may be done to achieve the best results.

Maintaining the Results after the surgery

Results of a smile makeover surgery can last a lifetime when proper hygienic protocols are followed.

Avoid abrasive or aggressive toothpaste and teeth practices that may damage your new smile.

Brushing twice a day, and flossing will eliminate debris and discoloration which results from the daily meals.

Consider having periodical dental visits to maintain the new restored smile and teeth.

Cost of a Smile Makeover Surgery

A smile makeover surgery varies from one patient to another. Some procedures are simple, whereas others, the cosmetic dentist may recommend you to first under oral treatments for underlying dental health issues. Also, one may also be referred to a periodontist or an endodontist before a smile makeover surgery is done. A minor Smile Makeover Surgery Cost in India ranges from RS. 28,000 to RS. 50, 000.