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After a Root Canal Treatment, the dentist may recommend a further dental service that involves a placement of a post and a core or a core only before a dental crown is replaced. Cores build a stronger foundation and create an optimal shape for the new restoration.

Generally, a post and a core are prosthetic dental devices utilized in the presence of inadequate tooth structure.

The Post

A post is usually metallic, and it is a small rod inserted into the root canal space and it is about a few millimeters long. The post’s main purpose is to anchor the core of the tooth.

The Core

Cores are described as replacements for the missing structures of the tooth that are normally eroded due to wear and tear, decay, fractures, and loss of a filling. Dental cores are usually manufactured from composite materials and are used to hold the dental crown in place.


A dental core can be made for any tooth, but a dental core and a post are utilized only after a Root Canal Treatment.

Reasons for Post & Core Treatment

Posts and cores are widely used in dentistry mainly for a crown’s stability. Usually, the stability of the crown (new tooth) depends on the amount of tooth structure that exists before the treatment. The artificial teeth may not withstand the forces and pressure exerted hence making them loose.

It’s not necessary that a core must be used, but when used, there are 100% chances of success. The Post and Core Treatment in India is recommended in case the natural tooth or many tooth structures have been lost through trauma or infection. This is done after the endodontic procedure (Root Canal Treatment).

Benefits & Drawbacks of Posts

As opposed to what many people believe, posts do not strengthen the tooth, but only act as an anchor for the stability of the crown. Strengthening was more associated with the metallic dental posts, but there are different types of dental posts available on the market.

Using posts has its own drawbacks and they are only recommended in case a large part of the crown structure is missing and there is no other resolution. Meeting the Post and Core Treatment Cost in India may seem expensive to some patients, but for the best dental treatment, Dental Implants may be used.

It is best that a patient weighs both sides of the treatment before selecting a treatment approach.