Full Mouth Reconstruction- Mouth Remodeling

Each individual has his or her own dental anatomy characterized by different jaw movements, biting position, and dental health. A dental or mouth reconstruction’s main goal is to clear all teeth issues such as tooth decay, old dental crowns and fillings thereby restoring a new mouth.

There are a number of considerations taken into account before a full mouth reconstruction, so it is best that you understand your treatment plant and the necessary requirements. A new dental work is designed for several purposes such as;

  • Improve the general dental health
  • Improve one’s bite
  • Cosmetic reasons
  • Improve one’s dental appearance

A full mouth reconstruction can also be performed with various procedures such as facelift dentistry to obtain 100% perfect results.

Full Mouth Reconstruction- Missing Teeth

Perhaps it has been several years since you had your dental crowns, veneers, and composite fillings replaced and this makes you a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction to improve the health of the entire mouth.

Grinding (bruxism) and clenching your teeth to a certain degree is possible with years, which means that the bite is being changed and reducing. All this lead to enamel thinning, fractures, sensitivity and tooth decay, which can produce a bad breath, poor oral health among others. A Full Mouth Reconstruction in India will provide excellent results since the entire procedure is performed by a single person while focusing on your bite, health, and appearance.

Full Mouth Reconstruction- Dental Implants

In the case of decayed teeth, severely discolored teeth and missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent alternative for mouth remodeling. The dental implants are designed according to your mouth anatomy considering all the other dental aspects.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Facelift Dentistry

Facelift dentistry is an advanced dental treatment that encompasses a wider range of dental and facial appearance of a patient. Not all dental clinics provide full mouth reconstruction with face lift dentistry since it may take several months or years while undergoing the procedure.

  • Facelift Dentistry- Jaw & Bite Repositioning
    The bite position has a major impact on the jaw’s functions and position and the entire facial proportions. The structure of the dental framework supports one’s facial appearance and with years, these can be eroded due to the wear and tear of the bite and the teeth.

Face lift dentistry treatment at an advanced dental centre will provide the natural look you are yearning for just as the anti-aging treatments provide a youthful appearance.

The Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Due to the complexity of the procedure, a Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost in India range from $25,000 to $50,000. There are different treatment approaches that are considered before embarking on the treatment.

Treatment Approaches

Each patient has specific dental issues and goals and after consulting a dental expert, one will come to ascertain the length of his or her treatment.

  • Weeks Treatment Approach
    In this treatment approach, the entire full mouth reconstruction plan must be performed in a few weeks rather than spreading to months. This treatment highly depends on the goals, but it will allow the dentist to prepare the porcelain at the same time, which will help him or her focus on the color, and related functions.
  • Months OR a Year Treatment Approach
    This treatment approach involves a lot of work. It will require the dentist to replace the old fillings, crowns or veneers to bring about the intended results. It also involves jaw and repositioning which means more time is required.

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