Teeth Whitening: What You Need To Know

There are various teeth whitening methods which include over-the-counter products and the professional or clinical teeth whitening approach. Teeth Whitening has become more accessible and it is one of the most sought cosmetic dental treatment worldwide due to its efficacy, cost effectiveness, and various benefits.

The Yellow Teeth

The teeth are used for several purposes every single day, which may cause our teeth to loose the natural color and beauty. Aging is also another factor that may contribute to yellow teeth, otherwise, poor hygienic measures are the leading causes of yellow teeth.

The Dentin, which is the inner part of the tooth becomes yellow, but not the enamel. In trying to repair themselves, the dentin will become darker while the enamel thins due to constant usage of the teeth which make the teeth change their color. The dentin will reflect its self through the enamel, making your teeth appear yellow/yellower.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

  • Genetics
  • Acids from the foods
  • Amelogenesis imperfecta, a rare dental disorder that makes the teeth brown or yellow
  • Silver fillings
  • Wear of the teeth
  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Smoking
  • Excessive talon of red wine, coffee, and tea


    Teeth Whitening Categories

    • Intrinsic
      In this category, hydrogen peroxide gel (bleaching agent) is applied to the inner part of the teeth to become lighter, brighter and whiter. This is reflected through the white enamel, making your teeth appear brighter and better
    • Extrinsic
      This is where the enamel (the outermost part of the teeth) is cleaned. Common stains on the teeth are usually removed through this technique.

    Teeth Whitening Techniques

    Various products like toothpaste, strips, trays, rinses, and the dentist’s teeth whitening methods are used to whiten teeth. The below techniques may be your ideal option for Teeth Whitening Treatment in India.

    • In-Office Teeth Whitening
      Though may be a little bit expensive, in-office teeth whitening techniques provide the quickest results. With office teeth whitening techniques, a bleaching chemical is directly applied to the teeth in combination with a laser or any other light source. This approach is quick and takes only 45 to 60 minutes.
    • Tray-based Teeth Whiteners
      These whiteners may be obtained from the dentist or over the counter. The method usually involves filling a mouth-guard tray with a gel whitening solution normally containing a peroxide bleaching agent. The tray is worn during the night and depending on the extent of discoloration, one may take longer period using it.
    • Teeth Whitening toothpaste
      Specifically, tooth whitening toothpastes help remove discoloration or stains. The additional chemical agents will remove surface stains, but will not bleach your teeth.

    Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide is professionally recommended for tooth whitening, usually providing the best results after a consultation.

    • Whitening Rinses
      Rinses contain hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that helps to whiten your teeth. One only needs to swish them around in the mouth for a few minutes, mostly twice a day to lighten the teeth.
    • Gels & Strips
      These are over-the-counter peroxide-based whiteners applied using a small brush on the surface of the teeth. The gels are normally used for a few months.
      In the case of strips, these are virtually invisible strips coated with a peroxide-based whitening gel used as per the instructions stated on them.

    In-Office Teeth Whitening Cost

    As per the studies, the average Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost in India is $500 at an advanced dental clinic. The professional teeth whitening techniques will also help you avoid plaques and deliver long-lasting results.

    Who Shouldn’t Consider Teeth Whitening

    • Those with sensitive gums and teeth
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • Those with cavities
    • Those with receding gums
    • Sensitive to Hydrogen peroxide
    • Those with gum diseases, acid erosion or GERD

    How long do the results last

    Clinical teeth whitening will last for about 7 months to 2 years or more depending on your care and hygienic techniques at home. Our Smile Zone Dental Specialty Centre provides affordable and cost effective teeth whitening procedures to patients.