Teeth Straightening: What You Need To Know About It

Crooked teeth of misaligned teeth can badly affect your public confidence and you may even withdraw yourself from the public. Advanced Teeth straightening techniques provide diverse and minimally invasive procedures for transforming your teeth as well as your smile. The Orthodontic treatments cover gaps, correct crooked teeth, whether you had braces in childhood or not.

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Teeth Straightening Options For You

The following teeth straightening methods are aesthetically performed at our dental centre for both cosmetic reasons and overall dental health.

1. Lingual Braces
These are similar to orthodontic braces and are dental wires applied and tightened at the back of your teeth to straighten them. Linguals are a bit expensive, but they aren’t visible by anyone and are ideal in case you are not interested in revealing the teeth straightening fact.

They can be initially uncomfortable and you may take some time to adjust to them.

2. Fixed Orthodontic Braces
Orthodontic braces are the common method of straightening teeth in adults and children. The braces are applied to the teeth and you will have to wear them approximately 2 to 3 years, depending on the extent of your crooked teeth.

These braces are aesthetically applied to give a beautiful appearance while talking or smiling, though it will require some time to get used to them.

3. Invisalign
In this technique, crystal clear, and the removal orthodontic aligners are used to straighten your teeth as opposed to the metal and visible wires. Each custom-made aligner is applied on the teeth and progressively moves the teeth in the perfect position and are often changed in two weeks.

Invisalign isn’t that noticeable and one can take them off to eat or as desired, but they may take a longer period of time to straighten the teeth.

4. Teeth Straightening Surgery
The teeth straightening surgery may seem comprehensive and complicated in nature, but it may be the best option for those with many crooked teeth. The Teeth Straightening Surgery in India may also be applicable to those with problems such as

  • An overbite
  • Underbite
  • Or a poorly positioned jaw

The idea behind the teeth straightening surgery is the fact that the problem lies in your jaw and the minimally invasive procedure involves altering the position of the gums and the bones to the perfect position that will fix the teeth together and properly arranged or straightened.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and may last for a few hours. The surgery offers long-term benefits and you won’t have any difficulties in chewing, talking or even smiling. Your teeth will emerge aesthetically aligned to give you satisfaction.

5. Damon Braces
As opposed to conventional braces, Damon braces provide quicker results and they are an excellent option since they induce no friction during the straightening period. They are more comfortable with less irritation.

6. Teeth Straightening Without Braces
A straightening surgery, composite bonding, and Veneers are other teeth straightening techniques available for patients. Veneers simply fit on the teeth to provide an expression of straightened teeth.

A surgery as explained earlier is also a method that solves many dental issues for proper dental health.

Composite bonding is also an alternative, but they are more prone to staining, though the material used is very attractive.

How Much Does Teeth Straightening Cost

Since the teeth straightening methods range from surgical to non-surgical methods, the Teeth Straightening Surgery Cost in India highly differs from other alternatives. The surgery ranges from Rs.75, 000 to 1 lakh or more depending on the individual aesthetic goals.

Results and how long can they last

Orthodontic teeth straightening techniques are at times more than just simple cosmetic procedures. For the surgery, the results are for a lifetime, while the braces are removed after the teeth are straightened. The results of braces are obvious and will last a longer period of time.