Alveoloplasty: Procedure & When it’s Crucial

An Alveoplasty is also known as jawbone contouring or reshaping. It is an oral surgical procedure intended to smoothen and reshape a patient’s jawbone in the specified areas where tooth extraction occurred or where a tooth was formerly lost. The procedure can be performed during tooth extraction or as a stand-alone procedure.

When a tooth is extracted or lost, a patient’s jawbone and gums become unequal, meaning that there will be high points and low points. A professional dentist must plan on how a replacement will be made by evaluating the contours of the bone tissue and smoothen it.

Preparing for an Alveoplasty

Individual preparations are made differently before an Alveoplasty Surgery in India. Antibiotics are recommended for some patients while in others, medicated mouthwash may be the best alternative accompanied by painkillers.

The complexity of the surgery will depend on the extent of corrections required, for example, unilateral (one side), bilateral (on the right and left side). The upper and the lower ridges to be worked upon plus the hard palate to be disposed.

Therefore, the dental surgeon will take your teeth and jaw impression to create a cast and to plan for the procedure in advance.

The Procedure of Alveoplasty

The procedure is may be performed under local anesthesia or along with intravenous sedation. In other cases, general anesthesia may be used. A combined surgery (tooth extraction with bone re-contouring) will be lengthy as opposed to the alveoloplasty surgery alone and during the combined surgery, the surgeon will first extract the tooth and then re-contour the jawbone .

During the Alveoplasy surgery, the dentist will make an incision within the gum as a path to the bone.

A rotary drill will be used to remove the unwanted bone after which a filler is utilized to smoothen and then polish it. After this, debris and bone particles will be cleaned and a cast, which is similar to a denture will be made if necessary. The dentist will put the gum cells over the bone and place the stent above it. This will help a surgeon discover whether the right amount of bone is removed and in case it is mis-positioned, more bone will be removed.

The gum tissue will then be replaced and the incision stitched.

The Alveoplasty Cost

The cost is highly determined by the kind of procedure, but the Alveoplasty Surgery Cost in India can also be covered under insurance. Our centre provides cost-effective alveoloplasty dental surgeries to patients.

When is the procedure Crucial

An Alveoplasty may be done for the following reasons;

  • Prevent irregularities, which, if not removed before placement of partial or complete
  • denture may lead to retention, injury, and stability issues.
  • Prevent possible issues during future denture fitting.
  • When more than one tooth has been removed.
  • To prevent tooth decay.
  • To smoothen the jawbone for any other dental treatment.

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