Cosmetic Dentures Treatment

Cosmetic Dentures are an excellent treatment for an adult who has lost one or more teeth and a wide range of selection includes partial dentures, immediate dentures, and full dentures. A periodontal disease, trauma, injury, and tooth decay are some of the common triggers of tooth loss today.

Cosmetic dentures are professionally fixed in the patient’s mouth at Smile Zone dental center in India, which is completely an advanced dental centre providing a wide range of dental solutions which create confidence in patients.

How Cosmetic Dentures & Categories

Apart from dental implants and Bridges, cosmetic dentures may become an excellent alternative for the missing tooth/teeth for a patient. You will have to consult a dental expert before having Cosmetic Dentures in India since they are divided into categories.

  • Partial Dentures
    Partial dentures can act as a bridge and they supported by the remaining teeth on the either sides. They are used in case a patient has a few missing teeth and usually have metal clasps that fit around the existing teeth to prevent movement of the normal teeth. The metal clasps have to be hidden from the public by the dentist.
  • Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are created for a patient after the mouth measurements are taken. These aren’t permanent dentures and patients normally have their full set of teeth. Immediate dentures can be obtained for any reason, such as healing. They are fixed after rebasing the teeth to fix properly.

  • Full Mouth Dentures
    Full denture treatment is done in case a patient has lost all the teeth in the mouth. They are fixed into the mouth once the tissue has completely healed.
  • Sunflex Partial Dentures

Sunflex partial dentures unlike acrylic partials, they offer optimal comfort and confidence with no metal clasps and aren’t visible at all. They mimic the natural gums appearance and are more stain-resistant. They are widely used globally and offered at different rates.

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentures

The cost varies according to the type and quality of dentures one chooses to have. At our dental clinic, the cosmetic denture treatment is highly affordable, unlike the Cosmetic Dentures Cost in India that ranges from &400 to $6,000 per plate.

How long can a patient wear dentures?

After the treatment, the cosmetic dentist will provide you with a list of Do’s and Don’ts and some of them will be;

  • Be patient after the treatment as your biting, chewing or speaking may require adjustments.
  • You can initially wear the dentures day and night.
  • With time, you will have to adjust, you will have to put them off at night before bed to give your gums a rest.

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