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When are surgical tooth extractions recommended

Surgical tooth extractions are recommended in case a tooth or teeth can no longer be saved. The surgery only requires a dentist to make an incision and extract the tooth or may suction the tooth into two or more pieces. Normally, many teeth can easily be extracted, but some teeth may require more technical expertise rendering the procedure more complicated.

Also known as open extractions, are dental surgical extraction procedures are those where specialized dental instruments are utilized to access the root of the teeth in order to completely remove it however much a tooth is visible.

Removing any severely damaged, trauma, or infected tooth also includes the removal of some impacted wisdom teeth (third molars) “poorly positioned.”

When is Surgical Extraction supposed to be done & who are the candidates?

Initially, a root canal treatment is the procedure capable of saving multiple teeth. Surgical extractions may be the only solution in case a patient has extensively damaged or infected teeth that threaten the oral dental health and one’s general health.

According to American Dental Association (ADA), extremely diseased teeth (periodontal), those affected by trauma, or crowding (dental arches) can be surgically removed.

In case a tooth can’t be repaired by a crown or filling, a surgical extraction in India can also be performed.

Previously endodontically treated teeth also require surgical extraction since the roots are brittle.

Surgical Extractions: What is to be done

You will have to visit a professional dental surgeon in an advanced dental centre to prevent the possible side effects. Your teeth will be physically examined and an X-ray will be done to determine the extent of the procedure.

The surgery is completely performed under local or general anesthesia and with modern technology, you needn’t worry about anything.

Post Surgical Extraction Treatment & Instructions

  • You will have more surgical stitches at the extraction site and biting or chewing isn’t recommended after the surgery. It is crucial that you take postoperative instructions for a shorter recovery period of time.
  • Cotton or a gauze pad will be inserted into the extracted region for 45 minutes to stop bleeding.
  • Drinking lukewarm or warm water and fluids is essential than chewing and biting foods. You may feel more pain in case you persist on talking, so silence is the best option.
  • You shouldn’t brush your teeth or rinse your mouth for a day and avoid using straws after the surgery.
  • It’s best to use the untreated side.

The Surgical Extraction Cost in India

Surgical extraction costs are mainly determined by;

  • The dental centre visited
  • The location of the centre
  • The complexity of the surgery
  • The treatments required
    Above all, Surgical Extraction Cost in India ranges from Rs. 2500 to Rs.10, 000. Revert back to your dentist in case of any complication after the surgery.