Perfect Tooth Coloured Braces

Keep smiling regularly with clear and Ceramic (Tooth Coloured) Braces

Modern dental practices and orthodontic procedures provide a wide range of aesthetic cosmetic dentistry treatments that are totally comfortable and affordable

Tooth coloured braces are braces fitted in front of the teeth as opposed to Incognito hidden braces that are specialized braces fitted behind the teeth. The ceramic braces are clear, and finely blend with the teeth’s color and so, they are less visible. The brackets are stain resistant and oral hygiene can easily be maintained since they are slightly smaller

The ceramic brackets will fix the teeth to the perfect position with time while providing higher confidence

Fixing Tooth Coloured (clear & Ceramic) Braces

The braces are normally fixed using wires that will bring about perfect teeth alignment. During the procedure of Tooth Coloured braces in India (dental treatment), the orthodontic dentist will, first of all, apply a chemical “etch” on all the teeth. The teeth will be cleaned and then wiped dry.

Each tooth will then be glued after which a thin wire is threaded through each block and will be positioned using a tiny clear elastic. Gradually, the wire will progress through the entire treatment bringing forth a new position

After the Treatment

You will have to return to the doctor to check the tightness of the wire and how positioned are the teeth after 5 or 7 months. You may experience pain after the first treatment procedure or every after an appointment due to the adjustments made. Painkillers can be taken to relieve the pain and it will be gone within a few days

You may experience discomfort, but it’s temporary with the fact that colored braces create an aesthetic appearance whenever you smile or talk in public. Within a few weeks, you will totally be used

The Cost of Tooth Coloured Braces

As compared to Incognito braces, the tooth coloured braces are completely affordable and easily maintained. The Tooth Coloured Braces Cost in India depends on the patient’s treatment plan, meaning the rate of misalignment.

With the proceeding dental appointment procedures, additional forces with clear elastic bands may be required, which may increase the expenses, cosmetic dental procedures at our dental centre are absolutely cost-effective

Advantages of Tooth Coloured Braces

  • Natural appearance
  • Straighten the teeth
  • Correct your bite
  • Maintain self-confidence
  • Easily adjustable

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