Why are dental veneers used? How many kinds of veneers are available?

Dental veneers are most commonly used when the individual is suffering from a chipped tooth or there are gaps in between the teeth. According to the famous dentist of the dental clinic in Whitefield, “ The dental veneers are the primary choices because of their advantageous nature.” So let’s unfold the aspects of its nature […]

Why Are Porcelain Veneers better than Braces?

One of the common questions which are being asked at the dentistry clinic is whether they should choose braces or veneers. Although both of them give better results the treatment options are different. Read the given as we have mentioned why choosing porcelain veneers is a better choice. Some people are facing the problem of […]

Beautify Your Teeth with Veneers From Smile Zone In Bangalore

In Order to improve aesthetics of a smile “Smile Zone Dental Clinic” provides veneer which is a layer of material placed over a tooth which also works as protective material for tooth’s surface. Veneers are permanent and there are various other advantages too. Here we are showing case of a patient who came to us […]