Which Toothbrush Is Best : Manual or Electrical?

Oral care is essential to protect your overall health because poor oral health can cause many diseases. You must visit your dentist In Bangalore for a regular check-up because it is necessary to get treatment early for any oral problem. Visiting dental clinic In Bangalore does not mean that you have any serious condition it […]

Some Reasons of Bad Breath

There are several reasons behind bad breath such as over-exercise, dehydration, serious illness, tonsillitis, and smoking. You should visit the dental clinic In Bangalore if you are continuously noticing bad breath from many days. You should tell your dentist in Bangalore about your eating habits too because these can also lead to bad breath. He […]

Secrets for Healthy and White Teeth

Healthy and white lead to a healthy lifestyle because oral health problems can cause many overall health problems. You must visit your doctor for a routine check-up in order to keep your teeth healthy. Many people reveal that it is easy to keep their teeth white at home only with daily brushing but they are […]

Treatment Options Available for Broken Tooth In Bangalore

A broken or cracked tooth is caused due to chewing hard foods, in old age, and grinding your teeth at night. This condition is additionally caused because of blows to the mouth due to some injury or accidents, sensitivity, and some times putting extra pressure on the teeth. A cracked or broken tooth can lead […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is explained as non-surgical treatment of cracked and infected tooth. You should visit the dentist for a regular check-up once a month. He will tell whether you need this treatment or not. There are some common questions people generally ask their dentist before getting treatment. Various FAQs about the root canal treatment […]

Tips To Keep A Good Oral Health

It is difficult to have pearl white teeth and even more difficult to maintain them throughout life. If proper steps are not taken, then you can lose all the whiteness if teeth or damage teeth in other ways. Hence it is essential to look after your teeth in a proper way. Below are mentioned some […]

A List Of Foods Which Are Good And Bad For Your Teeth

It is very important to take care of teeth. If you drink and have starchy or unhealthy foods, then you are not feeding yourself but feeding the bacteria which causes the tooth to decay. Plaque is a thin, film which has sticky bacteria and many other materials which cover the surface of teeth. When sugar […]

Tips To Cope Up With Pain After Gum Contouring

What is gum contouring?Contouring Gum contouring is a non- medical ( cosmetic ) process which changes the shape of gums. A dentist does this process to remove extra gum tissues. It is because of the extra gum tissues that the person has a “ gummy” smile. Basically, it is for restoring gum tissue. How does […]