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What are the different ways Dentists help you to avoid dental Phobia and anxiety

Dental discomfort or anxiety is one of the most commonly cited explanations for preventing dental testing. The thing is, you don’t stop them entirely when you stop visiting the Dental Clinic in Whitefield. Evidence also has shown that you are less likely to attend the dentist often because you have a dental disorder, which suggests […]

What is Leukoplakia: Causes and Symptoms?

Leukoplakia is a mouth condition in which the mouth becomes lined with thickened white patches that cannot be scraped off. According to the dental clinic, it is caused by smoking or the use of other types of tobacco. The condition is also caused by some other irritants.  80 per cent of the cases with leukoplakia […]

Gut Health relation with dental health

If you are experiencing oral problems, due to certain other health problems then you need to visit the dental clinic so that you can get the right treatment according to your problem. However, first of all, you need to understand what are the reasons behind oral health problems. If you are experiencing a hole in […]

Dental Diseases caused by Tobacco and Treatments

Dental diseases are caused due to several causes in which smoking is also responsible for dental health problems. If you are a regular smoker, then you need to understand how this affects your dental health as well. Or you must talk to the dentist for treatment because only he can treat you well according to […]

How Does Pregnancy Affects Dental Health

Dental problems not only occur due to bad eating habits, but these also occur during the pregnancy period. If you don’t know about these problems, then must visit the dentist so that he can guide you. Or you must read this article carefully since it includes a bulk of information related to dental health problems. […]

Most Common Dental Problems

The first most disease which people tend to have is called gingivitis. If not properly taken care of or not treated can be a more dangerous form of gum disease. It has been seen in many people that they have gum disease without showing any indications. Hence it is advised that you visit your dental […]

Toothache Problems & Excellent Solutions

A toothache may be common but not comfortable. A toothache is often an indicator of an underlying problem. The reasons could vary -abnormal biting, infection, or a gum disease. We all know that Mother Nature has a solution for everything. In fact, in India, there is a separate medical stream associated with the herbal cure […]

Is it Recommended for a Pregnant Woman to See a Dentist?

Ideally, Yes, though many pregnant women go through the nine months without making any dental visit. According to scientists at Saint Louis University, a pregnant woman shouldn’t skip any scheduled dental checkup during the nine months. Prioritizing dental visits is necessary because of the increase in progesterone and the blood volume. The scientists also confirm […]