Types and procedure of dental crowns

A dental Crown is a customized-shaped tooth-like cap that is placed over a damaged tooth to restore its shape, strength, and appearance. It is used in a situation when there is a gap between the teeth or the tooth is severely delayed, cracked, or weakened. It helps in bringing the aesthetic appeal of your smile […]

How does sugar affect the tooth?

Dental problems are very common in this era because people prefer to eat greasy food and high-sugar food. Consumption of sugar damages your teeth properly in different ways. There are some common problems that occur with the consumption of sugar like cavities, infection in gum and bad breath. For the treatment of all these problems, […]

Both Natural And Surgical Technique To Treat Your Gummy Smile

Are you done smiling while clicking pictures because it highlights the enormous gummy smile? Well, you do not have to anymore! A gummy smile, in retrospect, does not impact heavily on the function of your teeth. However, it undoubtedly affects your confidence and smile. A gummy smile correction Whitefield is solely based on aesthetic purposes. […]

Best dentist available in Bangalore

Cleaning and taking care is a part of our daily life schedule . But why? Why we need to take care of our teeths on a daily basis. The answer is because we eat food on a daily basis to gain energy and with the usage of teeth on a daily basis and not cleaning […]

A comprehensive and brief note on some dental problems.

People of every age are suffering from different dental issues. The reason behind every dental problem is the presence of some food particles in between the teeth. Several problems are very common, and some common treatments are helpful for correcting them. An unhealthy diet plan and proper hygiene in the mouth can cause different issues […]