Exploring the Causes of Crooked Teeth: A Medical Review

Abnormal Teeth: Causes, Confusions, and Choices for Fixing “Crooked teeth” is a typical condition in two youngsters and grown-ups. Teeth that are not impeccably adjusted are extraordinary to every individual and can add character and appeal to their grin.  If you are discontent with the presence of your teeth or, on the other hand, on […]

Bruxism and its causes and complications on a human body.

Ever felt like grinding, gnashing, and clenching your teeth? Ever thought about what its causes could be? Then fret not. The Association of Dentist in Bangalore has found the reason for the same. This phenomenon is called Bruxism. Bruxism is of two types, Awake and sleep bruxism. The former happens during the daytime when you […]

Say Goodbye To Uncomfortable Dry Mouth

People get dry mouth when the glands in the mouth that make saliva are not working correctly. If you think you have a Dry mouth, see a dentist in Ludhiana to find out why your mouth is dry. Importance of Salivary Glands  Salivary glands produce saliva, which is essential due to the following: Saliva prevents […]