Bruxism and its causes and complications on a human body.

Ever felt like grinding, gnashing, and clenching your teeth? Ever thought about what its causes could be? Then fret not. The Association of Dentist in Bangalore has found the reason for the same. This phenomenon is called Bruxism.

Bruxism is of two types, Awake and sleep bruxism. The former happens during the daytime when you are awake. The latter happens during sleep at night. If you have any type of bruxism, you must fix an appointment with the best Dentist in Ludhiana. Their expertise and specialization in dentistry will be helpful.

Bruxism is best known to hurt your jaws, teeth, and temporomandibular joints. TMJs connect your jawbone to the skull. It also helps us to open and close our mouths.

Why is bruxism harmful to you?

Bruxism causes you many problems that are going to trouble you in the future. These issues are:

  • Loss of teeth.
  • Teeth is wearing out
  • Loosened or fractured teeth.
  • Harm to your temporomandibular joints, jaw, and neck muscles

Factors that put you at risk of Bruxism

  • Stress.
  • Smoking
  • Use of Caffeine.
  • Some specific anti-anxiety medications

Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

  • Teeth grinding and clenching
  • Flattened, fractured, chipped or loose teeth 
  • Worn out tooth enamel, which exposes deep layers of your tooth.
  • Sore jaw muscles.
  • Experience pain while eating.
  • Popping and clicking in the jaw
  • Jaws are getting locked.

These symptoms can sometimes have long-lasting side effects on our appearance. 

Treatments for Bruxism

Since there are no medications to prevent this disorder, you will be provided a night guard by your dentist. Put this customized orthotic device in your mouth before sleep. This will protect your teeth, muscles, and TMJs from the force created during grinding.

Other ways to stop teeth grinding

You can opt for the methods given below to get rid of tooth grinding:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This is a talk therapy that helps in reducing stress.
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Physical Therapy

There are some other ways or lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to cut down teeth grinding. These are:

  • Avoid Alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Reduce caffeine intake.
  • To stop teeth clenching, keep your lips together, tongue behind the front teeth, and teeth apart.
  • Stop chewing pencils and pens. 
  • Lower your daily gum chewing habits(if any).

Chances of Outgrowing this disease

There are good chances for people to outgrow this disorder if they are aware of it. Children often get rid of this disorder soon. Adults need to follow their dentists’ recommendations to get rid of bruxism. If you keep on wearing a night guard at night, it will surely help you get rid of bruxism.

Bruxism can cause many things like a change in appearance, headache, jaw soreness, damaged teeth, etc. If you don’t get it treated, bruxism will become unbearable. Hence, get this disorder treated for a better future and stress-free life. Also, make changes to your lifestyle to avoid further complications of bruxism.

For treating bruxism and other dental disorders, look no further and come to us. We will take care of your disorder.

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