5 Signs you have a Gum Problem

Gum diseases are explained as periodontal diseases which are caused due to bacteria and germs which are present in our mouth due to leftover food. These type of diseases are usually occurring due to bad habits of brushing, consumption of drugs, and so on. These conditions further lead you to many gum problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, and painful gums. In order to treat these gum problems, you must Visit our dental clinic. Because our dentist in Whitefield is so skilled and trained will surely give you the best treatment.

Signs of Gum Problems

Painful Gum

Not everyone aware of this sign of gum problem is painful and swollen gums. As per the study, our healthy gums are actually pink in color but if you are suffering from gum diseases, you may experience orange gums which can lead to severe pain. In addition, you will not even able to chew anything with your swollen and painful gums. In this situation, only dental treatment is recommended.

Bleeding Gums

You will surely experience the bleeding gum if you are suffering from gum diseases. You can also experience the blood during brushing or chewing the food. This occurs due to inflammation of gums and many people create the misconception that this happens due to poor habits of mouth wash and flossing. No, this is the primary symptom of gum diseases.

Bad Breath

If you are suffering from several types of gum diseases then you will surely experience the bad breath. This condition is not only a sign of gum problems but also a symptom of poor oral health. You have to change your brushing habits so that you can get rid of bad breath. Or you must visit our clinic so that we can give you the right treatment in order to treat your bad breath condition.

The Gap In Teeth And Sensitivity

You may notice the gap in between your teeth and you will definitely experience sensitivity while consuming anything. You can also feel the sensitivity if you are eating or drinking anything cold or hot. In this case, you can brush twice a day so that bacteria can remove from your mouth. And you must ask your doctor for better treatment.

Moreover, the majority of people who smoke and drink liquor are at greater risk of gum diseases. So, you have to quit it immediately in order to reduce the risk of serious conditions.

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