A Guidance To Understand The Problems Of Tooth

Tooth problems are common in every group of age. Most of the tooth problems occur with never approaching the brush. Most dentists advise floss to remove the food particles. The presence of food is the main cause of all the tooth problems.

What are the dental problems? 

Problems occurring in oral areas are known as dental problems. These are common in children, adults and people of old ages. People usually refer to the word dental problem as the condition of oral areas. 

Most common type of problems

There are several types of dental problems, but there are a few that are really common in everyone, such as cavities, gum infections and gum disease. 

Symptoms of dental problems 

In symptoms, patients feel severe or mild pain in the infected tooth, sensitivity in the tooth, and sensation when eating something cold and hot. Changing in color or the shape of the tooth, feeling holes in the tooth, blood coming from the gums and swelling the cheeks and gums. 

Types of dental problems with their treatment 

The dental problems found in the mouth have several types. The list of the problems is as follows. 

  • Tooth caries: these are also known as tooth decay or dental caries. It develops when the sticky food sticks to the tooth for a long time and also when a yellow layer of bacteria called plaque forms on the surface of the tooth. The hard outer covering of teeth, called enamel, is damaged and destroyed by the presence of sugars in food. The sweet environment makes it easier for plaque to develop.

 For the Prevention from tooth decay 

  • Use floss 
  • Brush your teeth twice a day 
  • Use high-fluoride toothpastes
  • Use sealants 

Doctors suggest fillings in order to cure the cavities. And if the caries are near to the nerve, then they go for root canal treatment.

  • Gum disease: gum diseases are also known as gingivitis, and this develops when the plaques gather between and around the gum. The gingivitis causes the infection, and this infection further leads to swelling and irritation in the gum.

For the treatment of gum disease, doctors suggest scaling and deep scaling in order to remove the tartar from the teeth. For deep scaling, dentists use local anesthesia, and scaling is a painless procedure.

  • Tooth erosion: tooth erosion is quite similar to tooth decay. It is an irreversible problem. The main cause of tooth erosion is the use of dietary acids. People with less saliva in their mouth are at high risk of this problem because they do not 

have enough saliva for the rinsing of the acids. 

Tooth erosion can be treated by bonding the teeth. Doctors also suggest going for veneers and crowns to stop further damage to the tooth.  

  • Cracking and chipping of the tooth: this occurs while eating hard foods like guava seeds and corn, and the reason for cracking the tooth is accidents and injuries.

Doctors perform root canal treatment and give a crown on the tooth. If the damage is severe, then the tooth will take off. 

  • Sensitivity: people feel discomfort and pain while eating something cold and hot. The enamel is damaged and allowed to reach the nerve end. 

Some home remedies are quite useful for the sensation, but if it exist, then doctors suggest filling and root canal treatment.

  • The alignment of the tooth: we all know, unfortunately, there are very few people who have properly aligned teeth 

To improve the alignment, the dentist suggested veneers to the patients. A proper scan and proper plan is needed for it. The dentist gets the veneer work from Bangalore because of the best laboratories. Also, Bangalore is known for being the best dentist in Bangalore.

Poor eating habits and poor diet cause various problems, and tooth problems are also one of them. Never brushing twice a day can cause many oral issues. 

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