A List Of Foods Which Are Good And Bad For Your Teeth

It is very important to take care of teeth. If you drink and have starchy or unhealthy foods, then you are not feeding yourself but feeding the bacteria which causes the tooth to decay. Plaque is a thin, film which has sticky bacteria and many other materials which cover the surface of teeth. When sugar or starch in mouth gets in contact with plaque, the acids which come out of them can attack the teeth for 30 minutes or more after finishing eating. The attacks which occur again and again can break the enamel on the teeth. All this leads to tooth decay. The bacteria also activates an inflammatory reaction which causes the breakdown of gums, bones and all other parts of the mouth. A visit to the dentist will let you know how good or bad the condition of your teeth is.

There are many foods which is the help of tooth and also fight the plaque in building up:

Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

Foods which have fiber have a good effect on teeth and also on the mouth. They are very good for fighting cavities and gum disease. After 20  minutes of eating anything sugary, the saliva begins to decrease the effects of acids and enzymes which attack the teeth. Since saliva has traces of calcium and phosphate, it helps in restoring minerals to areas of teeth which have been lost to bacteria.

Cheese, milk, plain yogurt, and other dairy products.

Cheese is yet another food which aids in making saliva. The calcium present in cheese and calcium in milk helps teeth in putting back minerals which have been lost due to having junk food.

Both Black tea and green tea have proprieties to kill bacteria. this prevents bacteria from growing and also from producing acid which attacks teeth.

Foods containing fluoride. Fluoridated water or any other thing having fluoride helps the teeth to a great extent. Some examples are powdered juices,  dehydrated soups. While there are foods which are good for teeth, at the same time there are foods which harm the teeth. Some foods are:

Sticky candies and sweets. If you are a fan of eating sweets you must have noticed your teeth decaying. Some examples of sweets harming teeth are lollipops, cough drops having refined sugar, candies.

Starchy foods are also bad. They get stuck in the mouth.  potato chips are bad because they get stuck into the teeth causing problems in teeth.

After eating good food if you happen to go to your dental clinic then there will be no need to get treated for teeth.

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