Everything you need to know about the wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth erupt at last when all the teeth erupt. And there’s a saying that its eruption is a sign you have become wise. Our older generation did not have wisdom tooth problems because of their living. But, in the present time, genetics affects around 53% of individuals, and that’s the reason it’s imperative to seek assistance from one of the best dentist in Whitefield to make an informed decision.

When the wisdom teeth don’t erupt like normal, there’s a need to undergo an X-ray to confirm the same. The dentist initially analyzes the problem and checks whether there will be a need for wisdom tooth treatment in Whitefield.

What are the cases that don’t require wisdom teeth removal?

Some of the possible cases where the need for wisdom teeth removal is not necessary:

  • Wisdom teeth are healthy, and there’s no sign of infection.
  • Properly grown wisdom tooth and in the right space
  • Properly positioned in the oral cavity
  • Easy to cleanse and reach in the specified area
  • Makes it easier to chew your food

But, the given scenario doesn’t occur in every case. That’s why you must consult a medical expert and make an informed decision on whether you should get wisdom teeth removal or not.

Don’t wait for wisdom teeth to create a problem

Wisdom teeth might not get enough space for eruption and thus leading to partial space. Gradually, the pressure get’s to the nearby tooth. The improper spacing or positioning is the reason behind several issues.

It’s important to get medical attention without any delay. Otherwise, there are higher chances of getting an infection. When tooth get’s hidden with the gums or embedded in the bone there can be cyst, infection, or abscess. All in all, if you delay or avoid wisdom tooth removal, then there are chances of:

  • Gum disease
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Abscess
  • Infection
  • Crowding
  • Cyst or tumor formation

It’s not about trying to scare you but being mindful of what needs to be done. On-time medical attention is the key to improving your overall oral health.

What are the signs of getting wisdom tooth removal?

Here are some of the possible signs that require you to get medical attention without any delay:

  • Continuous pain noticeable in the back area of the jaw
  • The area gets infected continuously behind the lower last tooth
  • Wisdom teeth present at a lower and improper angle
  • Gums have covered the wisdom teeth partially
  • Food gets stuck at the 3rd molar
  • Cavity development on the 3rd molar side
  • Upper or lower teeth area have started to face crowding problem

FAQs on Wisdom teeth removal

How will my wisdom tooth be extracted?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a minor approach, but the complexity can vary on several factors like bone involvement, angulation, and impaction. The dentist analyze your entire condition to determine which measures should be taken.

Is the tooth extraction painful?

The tooth extraction includes anesthesia, which means comfort throughout the treatment. The effect of anesthesia allows making the process comfortable.

How much time does recovery take?

It varies from person to person and how well you care for yourself. Proper management and taking into account the doctor’s assistance improves everything.

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