Bad Habits that make gum Diseases Worse

Following the dental care routine helps in making the teeth strong and healthy. But you might not know this that bad lifestyle factors can affect the teeth.

We all know how important is to follow a proper oral health care routine which involves brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist at least twice a year. But, there are some lifestyle habits which increase the problem in gums. Here we will learn about those bad habits so that you can avoid them to protect the teeth.

  • Smoking

Many health problems are linked with smoking such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. Moreover, the people who smoke are at increased risk of gum disease. May studies have shown that risk factors increase and the problem of gum disease progresses in people who use tobacco product or smoke.

  • Medications

Some people are in the habit of taking medications on their own or change them. This factor is also the cause of gum disease. It is best if you consult the doctor about the medicines as taking their in excess will definitely result in a problem.

  • Grinding the teeth

One habit which also increases the issue of gum disease is when you grind your teeth. This is because it putting excess force on the teeth affect the tissues and this can speed up the process of gum disease.

  • Poor diet

Diet plays an essential role in making the immune system strong. Eating food which does not have all the nutrients will lead to many health problems as it will not be able to fight with infection. It means that gum disease also gets worse because of poor diet.

  • Chewing Ice

Although chewing ice is harmless. However, it can damage the teeth permanently as it can put small cracks in the enamel. Over time the cracks will grow which will lead to tooth fracture. If you have the habit of chewing ice then you should drink cold water instead of ice.

  • Eating sugary food

Some of us can’t resist sugary food but you should know that it affects the teeth. The bad bacteria in your mouth will form acids and cavities as they feed on sugar. We understand it is impossible to eliminate all the sugary food item from your diet but what you can do is to minimize their intake.

  • Cough Drop

When we have a cough, we take a cough drop as it helps to soothe our throats. But, this can lead to many dental health problems as they also contain sugar which can affect the teeth.

If you are facing any problem then you should visit the dental clinic and consult the doctor.

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