Both Natural And Surgical Technique To Treat Your Gummy Smile

Are you done smiling while clicking pictures because it highlights the enormous gummy smile?

Well, you do not have to anymore!

A gummy smile, in retrospect, does not impact heavily on the function of your teeth. However, it undoubtedly affects your confidence and smile. A gummy smile correction Whitefield is solely based on aesthetic purposes. But if it boosts your self-esteem, do not wait any longer and go for it.

It is a safe and easy process that the best dentist in Whitefield will be able to conduct without any difficulty.

Now smile brighter and wider with the help of a gummy smile correction surgery.

However, we have also listed some techniques you can follow at home to reduce the gum display while you are smiling. Let me tell you; it is only possible to achieve if the gum display is relatively small and you manage to follow the rule religiously.

Get Rid Of Gummy Smile Naturally

  • Smile exercise

You can train your facial muscles just like any other muscle in the body. With the help of this training, you can minimize the gummy smile.

The first exercise you should follow is to smile wide with your lips pressed together firmly. Then gradually try to peel the lips apart. You should start from the corners and move towards the center. You will finish with a wide toothy smile. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, then reverse the process. Close the lips first in the center and move outward

The second exercise is to smooth the wrinkles around the mouth with the help of this wrinkle-erasing exercise. Try to pucker your lips like a fish and suck in your cheeks. Try to smile until and unless you feel a little strain around the lips. Repeat this exercise at least twice a day.

  • Changes with the help of makeup

If you like to wear makeup regularly, then you might succeed in drawing attention away from gummy smiles. For example, try to use neutral colors for your lips and focus more on your eye makeup. This might help you to notice your gummy smile less and less.

However, if you are interested in permanently treating this problem, we highly recommend you undergo gummy smile correction treatment.

Gummy Smile Makeup Treatment

In case the natural way to correct your gummy smile does not work out, then you can opt for interventional treatment. They are much more effective and long-lasting. Here are some techniques the dentist might use to correct your gummy smile.

  • Gingivectomy

It is a surgery that allows the dentist to eliminate excess gum tissue. Gingivectomy is the perfect standard of care for moderate or severe cases of gummy smiles.

Top-notch dental clinics use laser gingivectomy. The laser gingivectomy’s recovery time is much faster than our conventional surgical gingivectomy. It causes less pain and chances of infection and bleeding.

  • Braces

Another way to fix your gummy is braces. Based on the causes of the gummy smile.

The braces would apply pressure to the upper teeth. This does not expose more teeth or shorten the gums. Instead, the braces remold the teeth and the gums as they move. Hence, a less exposed gummy smile after the dentist removes your braces.


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