Some Care Tips For Your Broken Or Chipped Teeth And Its Treatment

Do you have a broken or chipped tooth caused by the unwanted accident you met with? See whatever the case might be; what really matters is how you tackle that situation.

Did you know if your teeth are already decayed, and you eat or chew something hard, it could lead to broken or chipped teeth. You would not have to worry about your unwanted oral issues with us.


Care Tips For Broken Or Chipped Teeth

After you have taken the blow and the tooth has been broken, please do not wait any longer than it is necessary to visit the Dentist in Bangalore. If you have fractures, chipped or broken teeth, and stay long enough to go to the dentist, it might lead to infection, or in some cases; you would have to lose the whole tooth.

Until you are waiting for your family members to take you to the hospital, try out these measures:

  • If the broken area is inflicting too much pain, you can consume some over-the-counter tablets to reduce it.
  • Try to rinse your mouth with some saltwater.
  • If your broken tooth has a sharp edge to it, try to cover it with some chewing gum in the meanwhile. This effective measure would ensure that you do not cut your tongue, cheek, or lips.
  • If you have to eat something, try to only go with food items that are soft and easy to chew.

Size Of The Chipped Tooth And Its Treatment

Depending on how severely the tooth has been broken, the treatment would be done accordingly. If only a tiny piece of tooth has been broken, one visit to the doctor could easily solve the problem, whereas if it is badly damaged, you might need to have a more extended procedure.

  • Dental Bonding Or Filling

For a small piece of chipped enamel, your dentist would suggest you undergo Dental Fillings in Bangalore. If the injury is on the front teeth, which can be easily noticed when you smile, your doctor will perform a process referred to as bonding. It is a simple procedure that does not require numbing the teeth.

  • Dental Crown

If your teeth have decayed or a large piece has been broken, then the dentist at the Smile Zone would grind the remaining teeth and cover them with a dental crown. This procedure ensures that your teeth are protected, and it would also improve its appearance. You would require to visit 2-3 times for the best outcome.

  • Root Canal Therapy

If the entire tooth is broken, with its root intact, you would want to go with root canal therapy.

A destiny to have broken teeth is not in anybody’s hand, but you can make sure that it does not get worse because of your carelessness.

Final Comments

Broken teeth or any other reason, you can always trust the Smile Zone to help you maintain your beautiful smile.

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