Calcium deficiency is one of the major culprits for poor dental health

Calcium deficiency and Teeth health: What’s the relation?

Calcium is an important nutrient for the overall well-being of the bones and teeth. If you are low on calcium, then there are high chances your dental health gets affected adversely. When you consult the best Dentist in Bangalore, he will emphasize upon telling you the importance of including enough calcium in your diet to improve bone and teeth health.

If your body lacks calcium, then it increases the chances of tooth loss, tooth decay, and many other oral health-related complications. Make sure to visit the dentist on time and discuss the calcium supplements or what kind of treatment you need. So, make sure to Buy Calcium Tablets Online by talking to the doctor about whether it’s right for your situation.

Possible signs and symptoms of calcium deficiency in teeth

With calcium deficiency, the teeth bones become weak, which increases the risk of making them dense and fragile. The situation even makes the person lose their teeth if the right action is not taken on time. So, make sure that you take prompt action so that the problem doesn’t get worse. A timely treatment plan, makes it easier to understand if your situation demands the choice of Dental Crown in Bangalore.

Apart from the evident reason for fragile and dense teeth, there are other symptoms. There’s a possibility you will notice the following signs and symptoms over the years:

  • Increased chances of getting diagnosed with osteoporosis
  • Higher risk of bone fractures
  • Low bone mass that’s called osteopenia

Make sure to take the necessary action on time; otherwise, the situation can get worse. Consult the dentist to make an informed decision.

Tips for prevention of adverse impact of calcium deficiency on teeth

To ensure the calcium deficiency does not affect your teeth adversely, its better to take certain preventive measures like:

  • A most important one: Proper brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist on time
  • Get the toothbrush replaced every three months or so
  • Limit alcohol intake and avoid smoking
  • Intake of Vitamin D in a day should be between 600 to 800 international units
  • Keep the body weight balanced
  • Do regular exercise
  • Don’t delay the dental visit

Make your diet plan right to deal with calcium deficiency

For strong and healthy teeth, you need to keep your diet plan balanced and as healthy as possible. Some of the healthy food options that you should have are:

  • Soy milk
  • Dark green and leafy vegetables
  • Almonds
  • Beans
  • Dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt
  • Canned fish
  • Orange juice with calcium

It’s the small dietary changes that you take that can make things better with your oral health. So, make sure to keep your diet balanced all the time.

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