Is it true that COVID-19 can have a severe effect on our dental health?

There is no denying the fact that COVID-19 has affected everyone’s life to a great extent. From fever to lung damage, it is resulting in many health issues. Moreover, it is also resulting in fatal death which no one has ever thought of.

In addition, the person who has dental issues might face more problems due to the COVID-19. Many survivors have pointed out that COVID affects the teeth. You must consult the dentist right away to understand the Covid bad impact on teeth and what you need to do.

From fallen teeth to tingling sensation

  • Many COVID survivors have pointed out that their teeth become loose and it falls off without bleeding. Some noticed gums sensitivity and some of their teeth started chipping or turning grey.
  • Apart from that, many have pointed out they notice wiggling against their tongue. People of the age 40 or 43 are losing their teeth, irrespective of not having dental problems. Initially, the patients notice the loose teeth, and the next day, it falls off. Moreover, this problem does not result in pain nor blood.

No rigorous evidence

Well! There is no evidence till now that COVID patients experience dental issues after they feel okay or while they are dealing with it. Some patients have said that they experience the symptoms at a very slow pace like brain fog, nerve pain, and muscle aches.

No such study has been done to understand that infection can lead to tooth loss or any type of dental issue. The patients who have gone through this phase, describe they have the following issues:

  • Teeth falling but no pain or blood
  • Teeth chipping
  • Teeth turning grey

Moreover, many COVID survivors have noticed an effect on the circulatory system along with certain symptoms like hair loss and swollen toes. Some of them suspect that it is linked to the problem of tooth loss. Many of the expert dentists have said that they are not sure how it can result in dental issues and what symptoms the patient can have.

Rare chances of tooth loss

Although it is rare that without a sign or symptom the teeth can fall off from their place. However, if a person has dental issues before COVID-19, then it might get worse due to COVID. As the infection with this problem is acute and effects last for a long time, the patient can have trouble with teeth or even lose them.

Get your teeth examined

The possibility might be less, but still, it is important to understand the patient’s concern and give them the right care they deserve. The patient needs to take utmost precautions during the given situation. If not then it is possible to encounter such issues which are rare to happen. As COVID-19 is affecting the body’s immunity, you need to be highly careful and take proper care of your dental and overall health. Schedule your dental appointment with our dentist and take proper care of your teeth & gums.

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