What are the causes of a gummy smile? How is the gummy smile corrected?

Gummy Smile?

One of the common concerns that make the person worried about their smile and don’t let them show off their beautiful teeth. The individual might even try to hide the smile, making them all uncomfortable. But, do you know you don’t have to make yourself go through this situation? Under the supervision of one of the best dentist in Whitefield, your condition can be corrected through the latest and advanced methods.  

What is meant by a gummy smile?

A gummy smile means when excess gums are on display when you smile. Normally, the person’s gums show up to 2/3rd to 3/4th of the gums, and the rest are lips. However, in the case of a gummy smile, the person’s smile might show off the gums more than normal. There’s even evidence that the gummy smile is referred to as a hereditary situation.

What are the causes of gummy smiles?

Here are some of the causes of the gummy smile that point toward getting the gummy smile correction Whitefield to get the problem rectified:

  • Short/ small teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Short upper lip
  • Strong upper lip muscles
  • Increased vertical growth of the face

With any of these conditions, the gummy smile can show a lot, leaving an extremely unpleasant appearance and lowering the confidence level. The most important part is that the treatment is possible because of the advanced and inventive care offered by the dentist.

How do dentists correct gummy smiles?

The gummy smile correction also got the reference as ‘Lip repositioning surgery.’ The lip repositioning surgery requires lip correction that’s close to the teeth leading to prominent gums.

When you schedule the initial consultation, the dentist checks the same. If you are a suitable candidate the dentist will tell you about the same. So, here’s what happens during the gummy smile correction:

  • The dentist administers the local anesthesia on the gums to make it easier for gum cutting and stitch it back to its place.
  • The gummy smile correction takes 30 to 40 minutes. Moreover, the results are visible right away.
  • After the surgery, you must be careful in seeking prompt medical care and following all the necessary preventive care suggested by the doctor. Don’t do anything that makes you stretch the muscles, causing loose stitches or break the stitches.

What to consider during gummy smile correction recovery?

The gummy smile correction recovery requires you to be careful and follow the necessary tips shared by the dentist:

  1. For the first 2 to 3 days, you need to have a soft and bland diet.
  2. You need to visit the clinic for at least after one week to get a detailed evaluation and take off stitches.

Gummy smile: Effective and simple cosmetic procedure

The procedure has been in use for a long time. Being such a simple and effective cosmetic procedure undergoing the same allows you to have the best possible results.

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