Everything you need to know about the tooth reshaping procedure

Don’t you admire yourself the way you smile?

Well! You are not alone in this situation. At times individuals opt for the option of teeth straightening but the problem is that it will show results after many months. If you want something which works quickly or the results are instant then opt for the teeth contouring. If you wish to know more about this approach then continue reading the given below section.

Teeth reshaping & contouring

Teeth reshaping is also known by the name of dental contouring. Some individuals choose this method due to dental issues and some opt for cosmetic options. In this method, the tooth is reshaped & surfaced in a way that it will look appealing. When you visit the dentist he will check what problem you have and accordingly the Teeth reshaping in Whitefield treatment plan is given to you.

Who is the candidate for teeth reshaping?

When you visit the Dental Clinic in Whitefield the dentist will check whether you are a suitable candidate for the same or not. Some think that it can be used instead of braces. Although, there are certain cases in which it does not work like:

  • Thin enamel

  • Unhealthy gums

  • Infected tooth pulp

  • Decaying teeth

What is the procedure to perform dental contouring?

On your visit to the dental clinic, the dentist is going to use a drill, sanding tool, and laser which will take out the enamel. Following that, the necessary trimming or shortening part is done which allows everything to be even. Moreover, the alignment will be right as to what you are looking for. Following that, tooth-colored resin is used which helps in filling the gaps or chips. In medical terms, it is referred to as bonding.

What is the method of teeth reshaping?

The main aim of teeth reshaping is to help in alignment, shaping, or lengthening the teeth. All in all, the option of teeth reshaping is suggested to:

  • Trim the long tooth which helps in making the bite better

  • The necessary gaps are filled which are present in the teeth

  • If the teeth are uneven, chipped, or smooth jagged then the right kind of appearance is created with it.

What are the benefits of teeth reshaping & contouring?

There are different benefits of teeth reshaping and contouring. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Make the appearance better by changing the shape as to what is needed as well as making the teeth size better

  • The damage will be reduced which happens due to grinding

  • Just one appointment and you will be able to see the results

  • Teeth reshaping is done in one of the best ways in addressing the problem is just one visit

  • It’s a painless procedure

Are you looking to get the teeth reshaping?

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Priya Gupta to get a customized treatment plan for getting the teeth reshaping. The initial consultation will allow us to better understand what should be done to address the specific concern. No matter what doubt you have better consult with our dentist.

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