Dental Crowns – Meaning, Cost, Types, Pain and the nature of the procedure

Owing to tooth decay, the structure of the teeth can become spoilt. In those cases, one should immediately consult with the expert doctors of the dental clinic Whitefield, to avoid the spread of decay in other teeth. So in the ensuing information, we shall be getting familiar with the concept of dental crowns.

  • What exactly is a dental crown?

A dental crown is nothing but the cemented structural restoration of the deteriorated tooth which is visible.

  • What is the average cost for dental crowns?

The cost of dental crowns is highly dependent on the below-mentioned factors:

  • The material which you have determined for the dental crowns.

  • The location of the clinic also plays a major role in determining the average fee.

  • The experience and the qualifications of the dentists also count among the factors to determine the cost.

If you are taking treatment from the clinic that is too far from your residence, then include the travelling expenses as well.

  • When is a dental crown needed?

A dental crown can be needed in the following conditions:

  • Large filling

  • Root canal

  • Cracked tooth syndrome

  • Broken cusps

  • Excessive deterioration of teeth

  • To cover the spaces that occurred owing to the missing tooth

  • How many kinds of dental crowns are there?

Dental crowns can be different based on the material. Following dental crowns are available with the dentists for the treatment of the dental problems:

  • Stainless steel dental crowns

  • Fold dental crowns

  • Porcelain-based dental crowns

  • Ceramic-based dental crowns

How is the procedure for implanting dental crowns carried out?

First of all, the dentist will numb the area around the affected teeth.

  • The next stage is only taken into account if the tooth is either fractured or has undergone root canal treatment because only then with the help of filling the structure of the teeth is crafted to make sure the crown will get fitted to the tooth.

  • The third stage includes shaving off the tooth.

  • Afterwards, the shade of the natural teeth is taken into account to get the dental crown made exactly of the same shade.

  • Until the crown is ready, the shaved tooth is implanted with a stent made of either resin material or acrylic material.

  • Once the permanent crown is ready, it is fixed at the deteriorated tooth with the help of either dental glue or permanent cement.

  • What about pain?

Since the procedure of implantation of a dental crown is carried out under the effect of anaesthesia. So it is not at all painful. But yes! The patient may feel a little sensitivity but that too will fade away as soon as the procedure is over.

  • Should I get dental crown treatment during pregnancy?

It is usually not advised to undergo such a procedure during pregnancy because of the fear of stress which will be caused both on the mother and the baby.


The dental crown treatment is long-lasting, but a little care on your part can help you to pass these years with utmost comfort and convenience.

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