Dental health: How can you make your smile perfect with healthy teeth?

Healthy and Strong teeth

When you have strong and healthy teeth, you will feel comfortable smiling anywhere. Your smile will show that you are joyful as it is filled with emotions. But for the best smile, you must take care of your oral health. Many people are not aware of the tooth facts and how strong they are. No doubt, it is important that we keep going strong by following a proper oral health care regime.

How strong are your teeth?

  • Teeth enamel is the hardest substance

Teeth enamel is the white and shiny enamel that covers the teeth and makes them, even more, stronger as compared to bone. The teeth enamel contains 96% mineral which is not found in any other part of the body tissues. This is the reason, it is highly durable and less prone to damage.

  • Teeth last for over 100 years

Yes! This is true, your teeth can last for a long time. All this is because of the teeth’ enamel which helps them to stay strong. Just make sure that you do not neglect the dental situation. Otherwise, you have to pay a huge cost in the future, which will not be a pleasant sight.

  • Bite is powerful

Your bite is way more powerful than you think. On average, your bite can bear a pressure of 90.718 Kg or 200 pounds. No doubt, this might be the reason that you try to use your teeth as a tool to open different things. However, this is not what you should do and your dentist will also urge you to not do such a thing. It is one of the worst habits, which should be avoided at any cost to have healthy teeth.

  • Teeth are not self-healing

Your body tissues have a natural property to heal/repair themselves. But, that does not happen with the tissues. In case, they get damaged, then make sure to consult the dentist right away. The doctor will suggest you the best dental treatment you need which can include the following:

  • Caps
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Fillings

In case, the teeth have fallen out, then full dentures, partial dentures, or dental implants are suggested by the dentist. If you do not want to get into the hassle of having these dental treatments, then you should take care of your teeth every single day!

  • Healthy teeth still need help with decay

Your teeth can get affected by around 300 types of bacteria. That’s a lot! When you are following a proper dental care routine and visiting the doctor for dental checkups, then you can prevent the problem from getting worse. This way, the teeth will not become weak or the chances of tooth decay will be less.

Professional dental care will ensure that your teeth are safe and in case there are chances of future dental issues, then it is addressed right away. Make sure that you visit the dental clinic without any delay.

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