Destination: Perfect White Smile, Take This Route: Eat Calcium Enriched Foods

No matter whether you floss regularly or not, according to the dentists, there are 90% chances that you end up neglecting the most important and the dominating factor of your oral health. Can you guess it?

It is your DIET!

The things which you eat and drink heavily affects your oral health.

Frequently asked Question

People of Whitefield are highly cautious about their oral health. They keep up with the regular visits to the dentist. On their visits, they are sure to ask the dentist about which kind of nutrient-enriched food could help them to maintain their oral health.

It’s always calcium-enriched food that works very well for you. You need to make sure that you increase the intake of calcium in the form of milk and cheese.

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Whitefield should have all the smiles clean, ‘WHITE’ and bright.

Ummm….Ummm…Why calcium?

It depicts how intelligent you are when you ask, “Why is it only calcium that helps you to make your oral health better?”

Your Teeth and Calcium are love birds

The better half of your teeth is CALCIUM. (Said so because your teeth are made of calcium).

Calcium Phosphate – The enemy of Love

Calcium Phosphate commences with the building of the enamel. It is the formation of this layer that makes your teeth erode and weaken. So in that situation, you must consume calcium enriched food so that the enamel does not only get weakened and erode.

Calcium – The ideal WIFE

Just like an ideal wife does, the calcium compound does not only take care of your teeth but the gums also. It is this nutrient that does not let your mouth succumb to any of the oral disorders.

What is the ideal intake of calcium?

There is a peak to everything. Before and after such a peak is fall. So it is advised that you should neither consume excessive nor very few amounts of calcium. It will affect your oral health considerably.

People of Whitefield are usually suggested to intake about 600 to 800 gm of calcium.

Is the recommended calcium intake the same for pregnant women?

No, in pregnant women, the intake of calcium needs to be increased. It increases to about 1200 mg/day if it is to be recommended to the Mothers-To-Be.

Please Note:

The regular and desirable intake of calcium makes sure that it cuts down all the risks which are associated with oral health. It has been noted that the risk of people suffering from osteoporosis decreases if they are cautious about their health.

Wrap the Calcium Up!

Orange Juice, leafy & green vegetables, Beans, Almonds and fish are the food items that are highly rich in calcium content. It is advised that each of these items should be consumed at the latest once a month.

All the best for your journey of obtaining better health.

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