Different Drinks and Their Effect on your Teeth

You might not know but what you eat and drink can significantly affect your health and teeth. The effect of the beverages depends on different things but primarily it is due to the acidic level. If the pH scale is more than 5.5 or less, it is acidic. This guide will give you an insight about different drinks and how they affect the teeth.


We all wish to have shiny and pearl-white looking teeth. From childhood, we are told to follow a proper oral care routine to have strong and shiny teeth. Along with that, you need to keep in mind what you eat or drink can leave an impact on the teeth. You should visit the dentist every few months to get an oral health check-up. Visiting the dental clinic regularly will reduce the chances of any oral health problem. Given below are the different drinks and how they affect the teeth:

  • Wine

Red wine is better for teeth, but if you drink something more acidic than it can greatly impact the tooth enamel. It can make the tooth discolored and they can get stained. 

  • Vodka

Vodka pH level is around 4 but some of them can be 8. In case, you buy the less expensive brands then the level is low but the premium brand vodka has a high level of pH. This range can impact the teeth adversely.

  • Beer

Still, there is not enough research on how beer affects the teeth. Some of the early research has shown that a component of beer can leave a positive impact on the teeth. But, yes it is early to say anything. 

  • Water

Water does not leave any negative impact on the teeth. To keep up to your oral health you need to drink as much water as you can. The flow of protective minerals in the saliva helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay. 

  • Coffee

Coffee is acidic as its pH level is around 5.0. But, some of the research suggests that morning coffee is beneficial for the teeth. You can enjoy your coffee but make sure you skip the sweetener.

  • Milk

Milk contains different components like minerals & proteins such as calcium which is very essential for healthy teeth. The pH level is above 6.5 and this is the best choice to keep the teeth strong.

  • Sparkling water

It might not look harmful but it is deceiving. The pH level is between 2.74 to 3.34 which can affect more than orange juice. 

  • Fruit Juice

Most of the fruit juice is concentrated which means it is better to eat them in its natural form. The orange juice pH level is around 3.5 whereas cranberry juice has a pH of 2.6. Its potential damage can be less if you dilute fruit juice with 505 of water.

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