Different Sensations That Come After A Dental Procedure

Undergoing a dental procedure is nerve-wracking for some people. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of sensations that the patient might experience.

Many people do not feel comfortable about going through the dental procedure. They do not fear about the procedure but the potential side effects which come along with it. Sometimes recovery from the procedure is easy but sensation which comes with it linger on. Here we will discuss different sensations which come with a dental procedure.

  • Numb Tongue

After the treatment, the patient will feel the tongue is numb. The numbness is usually remained for around four hours. In case, if the procedure was very invasive which also include wisdom teeth extraction and this will last for around nine hours.

However, it is very rare that once the anesthesia is taken the sensation is lost but it can occur after a few procedures. Like when the wisdom tooth is extracted then the teeth get numb as it is very close to the nerve which helps in working of the tongue.

Numbness can also occur in that case when the needle touches the nerve which is connected to the tongue. The mouth nerves can inflame because if anesthetic solution which can make the tongue numb. However, this thing is also very rare in the dental procedure.

In most cases, the problem is solved after two weeks as the nerve regenerates. Additionally, the issue will be solved completely after six months from the treatment. Although, it is very rare that after the dental procedure the patient has permanent numbness in the tongue. Make sure you consult the dentist if the problem does not go away.

The doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory medications which help in reducing the swelling and to improve the sensations.

  • Tingling and Burning Sensation

After the dental procedure, few patients feel burning and tingling sensation. This might indicate that the nerve damaged or irritated. Usually, after two weeks, the tongue will become normal. The patient can get relief by taking anti-inflammatory medications.

  • Pain Sensitivity

Sometimes pain and sensitivity also occur after a dental procedure. This might happen because of cold and hot food or some type of drinks. The dental procedure of filling use chemical solution which can result in inflammation. It most cases, it goes away after two weeks. But, if you feel different after three days then make sure you visit the dental clinic for a follow-up appointment. The doctor will let you know how can make necessary adjustments to make the pain go away.

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