Does teeth Get Damaged After Brushing Too Hard?

According to many dentists to keep the dental hygiene one must visit dental clinic at a regular interval. Brushing teeth twice a day can help to improve the oral hygiene at a good level. But sometimes it is possible that few people brush their teeth very hard which is not a good sign at all. Brushing teeth is a regular task and it should be performed with smoothness. There are also chances that it can lead to severe problems like damaging the gums which cannot be reversed without considering a surgery. There are some of the indications which are being explained by the dentist that one must take into consideration while brushing their teeth daily. 

  • When the gums are receding – it is possible quite a few times that the gums are so intense that it starts to recede sometimes, and it is one of the symptoms that you are brushing your teeth very hard.
  • When the teeth feels sensitive – when it comes to sensitivity of the teeth, it is a very common topic that everyone around now a day discuss. Sometimes you may feel too cold or too hot in a certain part of your body. 
  •  Teeth are not clear enough – when it is clearly shown that the teeth are not clean enough then there are some of the problems in this. Typical back and forth movement of brushing can cause harshness to mouth as well as weakens the gum strength. 

Some of the preventive measures that we can consider are –

  • Start using softer brushes – It is very important to use a softer brush for a better grip and hold. Many dentists also recommend using a toothbrush with the smooth bristles.
  • By holding the toothbrush with the three fingers – It can reduce the pressure of the brush onto gums, because there not any particular need that by pressing so much only then the teeth can be clean. Rather we should a specific round motion to brush our teeth.
  • Using an electric toothbrush – When it comes to technology, there are always some chances to explore with them. As far as these electric toothbrushes are concerned, they provide a good motion to the teeth. It also helps to improve the capacity of our gums to be resistant enough against germs.

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