Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Cavity

Millions of people are suffering from tooth cavity these days, which can also be treated with the help of medical treatment.

What are teeth Cavities?

A cavity is explained as damage of the tooth which happens because of acids that are formed by bacteria. Our mouth is home of micro-organisms in which bacteria is on top. This bacteria is formed due to leftover food and excess bacteria in your mouth can lead to acids. These acids then affect the most harder layer of the tooth. If you left it untreated then you will experience the severe pain and serious oral conditions.

Symptoms of Teeth Cavity

The main symptom of tooth cavity is tooth sensitivity but there are some other signs of the tooth cavity. These include-:

  • Pits or visible holes in your mouth
  • You will surely experience severe pain when you bite and drink something hot or cold.
  • Toothache
  • Staining of a tooth, either black, white, or brown.

What Are The Causes Of The Cavity?

There are several causes of the cavity which are listed below-:

  • The primary reason behind the tooth cavity is lack of oral hygiene.
  • You may experience tooth cavity due to genetic issues.
  • Sugary foods and drinks are also responsible for a tooth cavity.
  • If you have previous decayed tooth then, you will surely experience the tooth cavity.
  • Uncleaned tooth or poor brushing habits.
  • Dehydration can also lead to the tooth cavity.

If you are suffering from a deep cavity then you must visit the dental clinic as soon as possible. Since only the dentist has the right skills and experience in order to treat your condition.

Process of Tooth Cavity

The process of tooth cavity starts from a healthy tooth. Our tooth has three main layers such as enamel layer, dentin and then pulp which is the innermost layer of the tooth. And this the layer which contains blood vessels and nerves.

Then excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks can lead you to white spots, which is further linked to enamel decay. If you left enamel decay untreated then, it will surely cause dentin decay and pulp issues which further associated with cavities.

Treatment of Cavity

The main treatment of cavities is changed in lifestyle habits. In which you need to avoid overconsumption of sugary foods and drinks. And you can also clean your teeth twice a day in order to reduce the risk of cavities and other oral health problems.

Moreover, if you have a deep cavity then it can also be treated with the help of root canal treatment. Which include scaling, tooth cleaning, filling, and crown. On the other hand, if you have the deepest cavity which cannot be treated even with the help of RCT then tooth extraction is the option.

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