Black Triangles b/w The Teeth? Here’s how you can address this dental issue

You might notice their overall personality and bright white teeth if you see your movie star. This is true; to ensure the imperfections are addressed effectively, the option of dental treatment is getting a lot of demand. One such issue is the black triangles between the teeth. In medical terms, it’s known as open gingival embrasures, which you can get fixed by visiting a renowned Dentist in Bangalore. Correcting this problem is not just for cosmetic reasons but to well-address the gaps.

What is meant by open gingival embrasures or black triangles?

Are you worried about the triangular-shaped gaps between the teeth? Studies have shown that around 67% of individuals have this condition above the age of 20 years. Treating this dental issue on time is essential to ensure that it does not affect any other case further.

What are the reasons for black triangles b/w the teeth?

If you have a gap between the teeth, you have to seek medical assistance at the earliest. The reasons for this condition are endless, and there are high chances that it can occur due to problems between the teeth and gums. Let’s understand the same:

  • Receding gums

The healthy gums hug the teeth and help to fill in the necessary space. But due to age or unwanted habits like smoking, the gums begin to recede, which can be a huge problem. Due to the same, the chances of having plaque, bacteria, or cavities increase a lot.

  • Bone loss

Like gum disease and many other issues, there can be bone loss at the tooth base. There are high chances of having receding problems with bone loss, and the black triangles are formed.

Apart from these, if your dental habits are not correct, undergoing orthodontic treatment can damage the gums. If you are looking for a dental solution in terms of aesthetics, then get the Dental Crown Treatment in Bangalore to address the gap effectively, or you can say it will cover the same.

What are the ways to address the problem of gaps?

Initially, when you schedule the initial consultation with the dentist, the focus is on checking the severity and reason. Accordingly, the treatment plan is given to you to understand the right treatment plan better. Here is the list of some of the treatment options suggested for this purpose are:

  • Practicing good dental habits

Brushing and flossing are an essential part of the dental regime. If you compromise on the same, you let several dental issues trigger. So, make sure that you practice the same to ensure there is no issue.

  • Hyaluronic acid treatment

Hyaluronic acid treatment might help in some cases. The injection is a great choice, and it’s less painful & recovery time is less.

  • Composite resin

Another choice is composite resin bonding. The dentist will address all your needs and let you know how to address the problem accordingly. The resin application is made in a thin layer, giving the gums the desired space to take the space properly.

  • Braces

The braces are the black triangles that are formed b/w the teeth. This allows us to address the necessary gaps between the moving teeth. The aesthetic results might vary.



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