Gummy smile treatment improves confidence by working on your smile

Gummy Smile Treatment

The overall smile has a lot to do as compared to aesthetics. Moreover, people get cosmetic dentistry treatment because this help to make their smile much better. The advanced treatment helps to well-address the specific concern by focusing on the desired problem. To make the changes in your smile and correct your gummy smile, you must visit one of the best dentist in Whitefield. If you have gum tissue that has been showing up way more than expected, then you need to get gummy smile treatment.

The gummy smile correction works best for patients with small teeth, and the gums take more space which hides away the teeth. And that’s where the gummy smile correction Whitefield, under the best dentist’s supervision, works the best. If you are not comfortable with the given look, then you are in a position to change it. The dentist will customize the necessary treatment plan that works best for you.

So, if you have been dealing with this situation for a long time, then gum smile correction is the way to improve your looks and bring back your confidence. It’s time you don’t feel self-conscious and work towards improving your self-confidence.

What are the causes of gummy smiles?

There are several possible reasons behind gummy smiles. Depending on the reason that you have, the dentist will suggest personalized treatment to make the situation better:

  • Compensatory eruption
  • Hypermobile lip (excessive lip movement)
  • Short upper lips lead to a gummy smile which makes the upper lip not covered perfectly and gums get hidden.
  • Anterior over eruption (overbite problems)
  • Short ramus and overgrowth of the maxilla
  • Altered active eruption (the teeth won’t cut out the jaw)
  • Altered passive eruption (the age won’t make it possible for gingival not to retreat)

What are the treatment options for gummy smiles?

Depending on the possible cause, the dentist will offer the necessary treatment plan. If you have been dealing with a gummy smile, then only the experienced and trained dentist knows better which treatment improves your gummy smile. When you visit the dentist for initial diagnosis and evaluation, he will check the following:

  • Gums
  • Teeth

Understanding both situations lets you know what works best for your gingival display. For better examination, the dentist will perform digital and conventional impressions of teeth and gums for better results and improved outcomes. In some cases, an X-ray of the jawbone and teeth must be taken. Only the dentist will ensure the best possible results are obtained.

Are you struggling with the problem of a gummy smile?

At Smile Zone Dental Speciality Centre, under the expertise of Dr. Priya Verma, you will get the most affordable and advanced treatment plan.  Make sure to discuss all about your requirements to get the necessary process done accordingly and be aware about everything.

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