How do gum problems originate? When should you see the doctor?

There are many gum related problems that afflict people. But not every gum problem needs to be treated with the dentist. According to the dentists of the dental clinic in Whitefield, “The sore and the tender gums do not always reflect the serious gum problem. Sometimes these are caused when you brush your teeth too aggressively.”

So today we shall be discussing all the gum problems:

Why does the gum problem take place?

The gums may experience the problem if:

  • The individual is getting irritated with the braces and the dentures
  • You are a woman and the hormonal changes resulting from the periods or the pregnancy can also make the gums experience swelling and pain.

Do you know

Gum diseases are linked to serious heart problems. If these problems are not treated at the earliest, then you may encounter serious problems.

What should be done to soothe the sore gums?

For the soothing of the sore gums, you should try the following simple home remedies:

  • Gargle with the lukewarm water which has the salt mixed in it.
  • Try to use soft toothbrushes.
  • Use Over-the-counter painkillers if needed. But make sure you have discussed the intake of such painkillers with the doctor.
  • You should visit the drugstore to buy some of the OTC products which will help you with extreme relief. Such products include the following:
  • The mouthwashes like Gly-Oxide. Make sure the mouthwash which you are purchasing must contain hydrogen peroxide.
  • Gels like Anbesol can help to treat sore gums with direct application.
  • Eat yoghurt or curd, if you have a yeast infection. You can detect if you have a yeast infection or not by watching your tongue. If your tongue has the signs of the white coating, then you are surely afflicted with the thrush. You are advised to get it treated at the earliest.

How should you be dealing with mouth ulcers?

Usually, the canker sores which are not at all contagious go away on their own after a period of 1 to 3 weeks. If you notice the size of such ulcers more than half an inch, then you must go to the dentist.

Important information

Whenever your dental treatment is going on, make sure that you are neither eating anything too spicy and salty nor too acidic.

When should you consider talking with the dentist?

You must deliberate with the dentist if :

  • You are experiencing bleeding in the gums
  • The gums are making you suffer from the extreme pain when they are hurt

Important information

If your gums are red and swollen simultaneously, when you are suffering from gingivitis, you must consult with the dentist at your earliest. If this problem is not diagnosed and treated at the earliest, then it can surely assume a severe form of periodontitis.

Bottom Line

Make sure you are consulting with a reputed dentist. Only a well-qualified and experienced dentist can treat you best and suggest some of the important measures by which you can maintain dental health.

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