How does sugar affect the tooth?

Dental problems are very common in this era because people prefer to eat greasy food and high-sugar food. Consumption of sugar damages your teeth properly in different ways. There are some common problems that occur with the consumption of sugar like cavities, infection in gum and bad breath. For the treatment of all these problems, contact the best dentist in Bangalore

Is sugar bad for your teeth? 

Consumption of sugar within a limit is beneficial for your health to maintain the sugar level in your body, but the overconsumption of anything is dangerous for your health. People who eat sugar on a daily basis are at higher risk of dental caries, especially when the food is sticky and consumed at mealtimes. Consumption of sweet snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages has a bad effect on the teeth. 

Different types of sugar we consume

There are two types of sugar: natural sugar and free sugar. 

  • Natural sugars:  It is present in the structure of different products like grains, fruits, vegetables and milk. 
  • Free sugar: It is also known as added sugars that are present in food and beverages. These are naturally present in honey. Syrips and smoothies. 

What are the common sources of free sugar and added sugar? 

Sugars are present in different types of food in different ways. 

  • Sugary beverages like soda and energy drinks 
  • Tea and coffee. 
  • Fruit juices, syrups and concentrates 
  • Sweets 
  • Ice cream 
  • Candies and chocolates 
  • Packed snacks.

Types of dental problems that occur due to the consumption of sugar. 

Consumption of sugar causes different dental issues. 

Dental caries: Dental caries are also known as tooth decay. It occurs when acid attacks the enamel layer and forms a hole and cavities in the tooth. The consumption of sugar products forms this acid and there are a number of bacteria that are present in the mouth that destroy the tooth badly. Another reason for tooth caries is the presence of plaque; it is a sticky and thin film that repeatedly forms over the teeth. When sugar interacts with the bacteria present under the plaque, it produces acid, which is responsible for tooth decay. It is treated by cleaning and filling the tooth. 

Bad breath: It is a very common problem that occurs because of cavities. Tooth decays are the main reason for bad breath. The medical term for bad breath is halitosis, which can be embarrassing. In some cases, it causes anxiety and depression. It is a short-term problem that can be treated with some home remedies. Usage of some mouthwashes that are made up of mint and fresh leaves is beneficial to reduce it. 

Gum infection: Sugar hits dental health very badly. A layer of bacteria around the tooth is harmful to gums because it causes infection on the gums. This layer occurs because of the presence of sugar and other particles on the tooth. Scaling is the option for reducing the infection because it clears the bacterial layer on the gum. 

Dental problems are quite common; almost 70% of people are suffering from dental issues. For the appropriate treatment of dental issues, book an appointment with the best dental clinic in Whitefield, Smile Zone Dental Speciality Center. The dentist of our hospital is well experienced.

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