Is Cosmetic Dentistry A fix for Receding Gums?

Many people are dealing with the problem of receding gums in which the gum line recedes. There are high chances that it can damage the teeth permanently if not treated at an early stage. In this guide, we have shared whether the condition of receding gums can be solved with cosmetic dentistry.

Receding gums

Receding gums is the dental condition in which gums recede to the tooth part which is not protected by enamel. This is known as the neck of the tooth. The tooth is mainly formed of this hard substance which is just dentin. At the dentin, all the nerves reside here which make the tooth sensitive to cold, sweet, and hot. The dentin is yellow which makes it visible with receding gums and teeth will be discolored but there is risk also as the enamel is very soft.

What are the Causes of Receding Gums?

  • There are different reasons that gums can recede like diet, bad habits, dental hygiene, and lifestyle. Receding gums is a very serious problem and getting the treatment at right time is very important. You should seek the help of the dentist as it will tell you to give you the treatment which will help to restore the gum line.
  • The main culprits out of those many reasons are bacteria and gum disease. The jawbone which holds the teeth will be destroyed along with the gum tissue.
  • If your brush the teeth aggressively it can even create a problem, so you need to be careful about this thing. This might damage the gum tissue also the enamel of the teeth is affected which starts the recession.
  • The problem can be genetic also which means if someone in your family faced the problem then you might struggle with the same condition. In that case, you should never miss an appointment at your dental clinic and make sure you are following the doctor advise properly. For more suggestions, you can read the dental care blog posted on our website.
  • Hormonal changes in women can even result in receding gums which include menopause, pregnancy, and puberty.

Is it possible receding gums problem can be fixed by cosmetic dentistry?

With cosmetic dentistry, the problem can be solved but the severity of the condition should be kept in mind. If the case is not severe then the doctor might suggest the option of gum veneers. They are like adding dentures to the gums. Though these are not very common if you get them they are a permanent solution. The installation process of gum veneers is the same as that of replacement teeth and crowns.

Consulting the doctor

Make sure you seek the help of the doctor as early as possible as they will diagnose the problem and prevent it from getting severe in the future.

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