Is it safe to board a flight after tooth extraction?

Excessive tooth infection, tooth decay, and crowding will need the treatment of tooth extraction. In the tooth extraction procedure, the tooth is removed completely from the mouth. In this topic we have mentioned whether it is possible to board a flight after undergoing tooth extraction.

In case you have told that you need to get the tooth extracted then there is no such appropriate time to get it done. No doubt, in this hectic life it is difficult to schedule a dental procedure as it can be a big challenge. It might be possible that you are planning to get-go on a business trip or vacation then it might raise a question of whether you should go on a flight after the tooth extraction procedure?

Recovering from the Tooth Extraction

After the procedure, you need a couple of days to recover so the dentist will recommend you to take rest for at least 48 hours before flying. This way the recovery will be smooth. It can be quite uncomfortable to fly within the first 24 to 48 hours after undergoing the surgery.

Risk of going on a flight following tooth extraction

Boarding a flight can result in minor pain as well as discomfort in individuals who have undergone dental work in the last 2 days. Due to cabin pressure or change in altitude, it can result in headaches, sinus pressure, and toothaches. It is best that you discuss with your doctor what should be done and understand the possible risk factors. When you visit a dental clinic the doctor will tell you ways which will help to minimize the discomfort.

Prepare yourself!

If you are flying following tooth extraction then here are a few things which you need to do:

  • Pain Medication


The medications recommended by the doctor should be with you. Make sure you take them before going on the flight to reduce discomfort.

  • Extra Gauze


In case you are going to fly very early after the procedure then there might be the time that your gauze needs to be changed periodically.

  • Pack a water bottle


Following a tooth extraction, hot, cold, or acidic beverages are avoided so you should keep a refillable water bottle with you to stay hydrated all the time.

  • Dental office contact number


It would be ideal to have your doctor phone number with you so that if something unexpected happens you can ask them what needs to be done.

  • An empty bag for an ice pack


In case you are having pain or swelling then you should keep a resealable bag in which you can keep ice. You can keep the ice bag on the cheek for around ten minutes.

For better understanding, you should talk to your doctor right away!

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