Learn About OPG X-Ray From Our Expert Dentist, Dr. Priya


In this video, expert dentist Dr Priya from the best dentist clinic in Bangalore, the Smile Zone Dental Speciality Centre, explains what is an OPG X-ray. She explains that OPG X-rays are also known as Ortho Pantograms and are wide-angle full-mouth X-rays. 

OPG X-rays help the dentist view both the upper jaw and lower jaw, which can be useful for different dental treatments. She further explains how an OPG X-ray is useful. It can show the position, number, and growth of all the teeth, even if they have not yet fully grown. It is also useful in assessing the position and development of wisdom teeth as this X-ray is widely used in wisdom tooth extraction treatment.

It helps dentists get a clear understanding of the structure before they begin the treatment for both the upper and lower jaw. She further shows the X-ray machine; the latest OPG X-ray machine is digital and hence, does not require a film, and results can be viewed immediately. Its radiation filter is also smaller as there is no X-ray film.

She explained that no preparation is needed for an OPG X-ray. The only thing the patient needs to do is remove any metal objects or jewellery from their neck or ears. The procedure only takes about 3 to 5 minutes, and the exposure time is hardly 14 seconds. 

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