Lies that your Dentist Knows You are Telling

Whether we aspect the fact or not we all have lied a bit when we visit the doctor for a dental visit. It can be linked to the oral care routine or anything else. But, when you visit an experienced doctor they can easily tell when you are lying. This guide will address the top lies you tell your doctor.

Given below are the top lies you should not tell your dentist at your next appointment.

  • Lie 1: “My teeth do not hurt”

How do they know?

When you feel pain in the teeth your eyes flinch and it shows in your eyes. The body gets into the defensive mode. Moreover, the doctor can also tell if you are hurting the tongue and legs get tighten.

  • What you can do?

You should tell them if you are having severe pain. The doctor will use topical anesthesia. If you feel severe pain then you should call your dental clinic to get certain pain medications.

  • Lie 2: “I do not drink soda”

How do they know?

When you drink soda in excess it will wear away the protective layer of the teeth. Moreover, it is affected by a particular pattern.

What you can do?

You should avoid soda as it also affects your health. Drink them, but not for a long time. After drinking, rinse your mouth so that acid and sugar are removed so that enamel does not get affected.

  • Lie 3: “I have never smoked”

How do they know?

Tobacco leaves stains on the teeth which are easily noticeable but they will vary from person to person. The doctor will examine your fingers for nicotine stains or smell your clothes if he or she suspects you smoke.

What you can do?

ASAP, ‘Quit Smoking’. Not just your teeth get affected but your overall health is at risk. Studies have shown that it increases the risk of lung cancer. So, to be safe you need to kick off these habits right away.

  • Lie 4: “I drink alcohol occasionally”

How do they know?

Alcohol has a distinct smell and those who drink have dry mouth. Alcohol also affects the salivary gland and saliva production is reduced.

What you can do?

If you drink regularly and in excess then it is best to limit the intake. Make sure you take the help of the professionals as they will let you know how to quit.

  • Lie 5: “I do not grind my teeth”

How do they know?

The person who grinds their teeth will have worn teeth. The sign of teeth grinding is muscle pain around jaws or headaches. This problem should not be ignored.

What you can do?

Buy a bite guard or ask the doctor what you can do to protect the teeth enamel.

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