Reasons why people give preference to lip Botox

Lip botox is used for filling the empty area of the lips. Lip botox is preferable in this era. Everyone wants to have several cosmetic procedures just to enhance their beauty. For getting the best opportunity in the film industry, cosmetic procedures are really beneficial. You can get the treatment of lip botox from the best dentist in Bangalore. 

Definition of lip botox

Lip botox is also known as the Lip Flip. Lip Botox is a type of chemical that is injected into the muscle of your lip. Lip botox is beneficial for relaxing the muscles. Fillers are injections that are used to plump in Volume. 

Types of Lip Botox

There are four main types of lip botox which are majorly used. 

  • Juvederm: The product can be used in two different types. Juvederm plumps the lips and the vermilion. It is used to improve the fine line of the lips under the effect of local anesthesia. It lasts for 8 -9 months properly. Anesthesia makes it more comfortable. For good results, people need to repeat the injection of Juvederm on a yearly basis.
  • Restylane: Restylane is commonly used around the lips just to enhance the projection of the lips and for plumping the lips. Restylane is more capable of producing definition and sculpture of the lips. It is a slightly harder product. There is nothing that you feel when it is injected. It can be used as a sculptural tool by your doctor or injection provider. 
  • Teosyal products: RHA-2 and Redensity are beautiful products. A Swiss company named Teoxane made these products. These products are useful for moving in a better way. You do not carry any weight or effect on facial expression. The plumpness of the lip moves naturally with these products. 
  • Silicone fillers: Silicone fillers do exist in today’s era. Silicone fillers are not used in the practice of lip implants. It can cause permanent disfigurement and scarring. Silicone fillers are not able to produce a natural-looking or pretty lip.
  • Fat injections: Fat injections are used to increase the size of the lip. It is not a good method for lips. It can cause a tremendous level of swelling under the lips during its injection. It reduces facial expression, and people may be uncomfortable during eating. 
  • Collagen fillers: Collagen fillers have not been used in past years. It can not provide success to the patients. It requires skin test reports to check the allergy. It is made up of bovine collagen. The result duration of the Collagen fillers is unpredictable. 
  • Radiesse and Sculptra: These fillers are used for augmenting the face in other locations. It has a variety of reasons. It does not produce the same excellent results as quickly and causes lumps in the lip area. 
  • Belotero: It is a hyaluronic acid. It is used for specific fine lines and to remove the wrinkles. Belotero is used for whitening wrinkles, and when it turns white, the effect of injection disappears. 

Benefits of the Lip Botox

Lip Botox has no side effects. It enhances the beauty of lips naturally. It has a natural effect. It boosts self-esteem in social and professional setups. There is a natural absorption of the filler in the body, and the fullness of the lips can be maintained with replacement after approximately every 6 months. There are no chances of allergy, and it removes the risk of scarring. The results of the Lip botox are really effective. You may get more opportunities in your career in the film industry. 

Drawbacks of lip Botox

The lip botox has some drawbacks as well. 

  • Swelling: it is the most common drawback of lip botox. Swelling can last for at least 4 hours. and in some exceptional cases, swelling takes 10 days to slow down.
  • Irregularities and scarring are rare, but they can be possible. It leads to correcting the asymmetry of the lip. The result of lip botox lasts until the effects of the Injections of lip botox are removed. 

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